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Synonyms for vermilion

a variable color that is vivid red but sometimes with an orange tinge

Related Words

color vermilion

Related Words

of a vivid red to reddish-orange color

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RESULTS WARWICKSHIRE BASKETBALL MEN'S LEAGUE DIVISION ONE Warwick University 78, Aylesford Hawks 72 DIVISION TWO Warwick China Red 61, Warwick Grizzles 66 DIVISION THREE Nuneaton Predators 48, Rugby Rage 92 Tile Hill Trojans 3 49, Westwood Rhinos 63 Team Rebels 37, Tamworth Tigers 64
Better still, the system at China Red all but guarantees the food is served at its best quality and taste - like yours truly in those bygone days up the dancing, it's two tours of the floor before it's quietly binned.
She has two shops in the city, both called China Red, selling traditional Chinese products and she also works as a business consultant.
The Red Cross delegate in Beijing was unsure whether China's help would be necessary but said the China Red Cross was fully ready.
IRISH stunner Rosanna Davison turned Red China red hot yesterday when she wowed the judges and was pronounced Miss World 2003.
I see orientalism revised--ivory, china red, turquoise and core with black and white," she said.
In China red is the color of joy and festive occasions, and traditionally brides wear red.
FRONT-RUNNING China Red should prove hard to peg back in the Commhoist Skyrig Handicap (6.
China red cheeks and glitter abounds on body, nails and eyes and red and purple mascara and green and blue lipsticks should keep the heads turning and turning.
The contributions from AVX and its employees have benefited the Chinese Embassy of Singapore for Sichuan Earthquake Relief, China Red Cross, Sichuan Emergency Relief Fund, Tsinghua Emergency Relief Fund and UNICEF.
Trojans 2 shocked Warwick China Red by taking their Plate game 87-73 and with the students focusing on their exams, the Tile Hill squad should be too good at Hereward College.
A total of 40 schools in Leyte devastated by super "typhoon" Yolanda were received electronic equipment from the Philippine Red Cross in partnership with the China Red Cross Society, Macau Branch and Hong Kong Red Cross last Friday.
2 TED BAKER WOMEN'S TEBAS CHINA RED TOP It's my sister Claire's birthday and she's a big fan of Ted Baker so I thought this would be a brilliant present for her.
Birmingham City Council's licensing committee have effectively closed the China Red nightspot in the Chinese Quarter after the brawl on June 23.
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