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a radical reform in China initiated by Mao Zedong in 1965 and carried out largely by the Red Guard

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9) Lindsay Cafarella and Chara Bohan, "The Top Five narratives for Teaching about China's Cultural Revolution.
Chinese-American author Anchee Min follows up her bestselling memoir Red Azalea (1994), a harrowing account of growing up during China's Cultural Revolution, with this account of her immigration to the United States.
In our interviews, Xu repeatedly insisted that Chinese Historical Figures 1966-1976, along with the blog and books that accompany it, is motivated by this need to tell younger people what happened in China's Cultural Revolution, and to show that the people to whom it happened, or who participated in the happenings in whatever guise, are worthy of being remembered.
Fulfilling a 200-year-old prophecy, Khenpo aimed to provide ecumenical training in Tibetan Buddhism and encourage a revival in meditation and scholarship following the end of China's Cultural Revolution in 1976; ABOVE: today, thousands of adobe-and-wood huts built by the students cloak the surrounding hills, which are covered with snow for much of the year.
With 14 bodies of work by 14 artists cut from deep in the ruptured seams of apartheid South Africa, China's Cultural Revolution, Iran's Islamic Revolution, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the devastating push and pull of Cold War politics in Central and South America, the show is a knockout, even if it skirts around its many possible subjects and never quite coheres along a common theme.
An absorbing coming-of-age drama set during the waning stage of China's Cultural Revolution, "11 Flowers" takes its place among Wang Xiaoshual's finest films.
This autobiographical story by a Toronto-based theatre designer, animator and illustrator tells the story of China's Cultural Revolution and a young boy's quest to find his place in the world.
Because almost all the chhortens in Tibet were destroyed during China's Cultural Revolution, the cultural importance of the upper Mustang chhortens extends well beyond the district's boundaries.
The China Christian Council emerged with the support of the TSPM after China's Cultural Revolution from 1966 to 1976, when the expression of religious life was effectively banned.
In the 1960s, China's Cultural Revolution, led by Mao Tse Tung, had a severe negative impact on Chinese society and led to the domination of the village over the city.
A Thousand Years" revolved around a 40-year-old woman who grew up during China's Cultural Revolution and is devastated by what her family had to go through.
I Have No Color" is the author's tale of growing up in China's Cultural Revolution headed by communist leader Mao Zedong.
China's Cultural Revolution was madness: children turned against parents; public denuciations the order of the day; intellectuals beaten for the crime of being "too civilized.
SHE didn't see her husband, Liu Shaqi, after he was taken prisoner by the Red Guards of China's Cultural Revolution in 1967 and left in an unheated room.
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