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And still, both the chimps and the children went out of their way to help.
Also, the implicit message that chimps are less evolved is human-centric.
At a genetic level, chimps and humans are 96 per cent the same.
Hoping to keep gorillas and chimps from disappearing, scientists like Stratford are studying the great apes to find out how they are affected by their shrinking habitat.
The chimps will be obtained from Ngamba Island sanctuary, a tourist destination on Lake Victoria, where chimps rescued from smugglers and poachers are being kept.
The book includes numerous photos and a chart of all the names of the chimps with arrival dates and birth and death information.
To learn what you can do to help chimps have a new home, visit www.
Jane Goodall: Chimps have a repertoire of at least 30 sounds that mean different things and show emotions.
3-c In a group of chimps, it's important not to make the boss angry.
It holds some 250 to 300 chimps for hepatitis and AIDS research.
Starz Animation and Vanguard Animation's SPACE CHIMPS Partner With Animal Planet's ESCAPE TO CHIMP EDEN for Campaign Aimed at Rescuing Endangered Chimpanzees
More than three times as many chimps inhabit patches of jungle in western Uganda than previously suspected.
Millions remember the chimps of the PG Tips adverts, delicately sipping tea out of china cups and chatting to each other.
Tommy is worlds away from the rainforests of Western Africa, where chimps spend most of their lives in trees, sleeping, hunting, and socializing together.