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Synonyms for bonnet

a hat tied under the chin

protective covering consisting of a metal part that covers the engine

dress in a bonnet

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Students', teachers' and incinerator caretakers also reported that components such as lid of pad disposal hole in toilet, metal door (metal shutter) to take out the burnt ashes, chimney to outlet the fume, and chimney cap were most common incinerators' technical components that were lacking.
You'll have to climb up on your roof twice (once to measure the flue liner to order the correct chimney cap and once to perform the procedures).
Install a chimney cap to keep out debris, rain, and animals.
Last fall, my husband put a chimney cap on and now we have creosote on our chimney brick and vinyl siding.
The 49-year-old apparently climbed on the roof last Wednesday night, removed the chimney cap and slid feet first down the flue after unsuccessfully trying to get into the house by other ways.
Make sure chimney cap screens are in good condition, dampers are open for proper operation and chimneys are cleaned.
To help blend the addition with the house proper, echoes of the house's original banding appear in the window mullions, the new railing, stepped cornice detail, and chimney cap.
For his part, my husband vowed to not only check the chimney cap, but to also build a foam insert for the fireplace, just to prevent any more unwanted visitors.
From the landscaping to the chimney cap to the paint, no detail escaped the attention of the homeowner, the architect, and ultimately, the builder.
Most boiler and incinerator chimneys do not look all that bad if you are standing on the roof, but when you examine the condition of the chimney cap and the brickwork right below it, the problem often takes on an entirely different dimension.