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(Greek mythology) fire-breathing female monster with a lion's head and a goat's body and a serpent's tail

a grotesque product of the imagination

a deep-sea fish with a tapering body, smooth skin, and long threadlike tail

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According to the findings, sharks, rays and chimaeras are at a substantially higher risk than most other groups of animals and have the lowest percentage of species considered safe with only 23% categorized as Least Concern.
In fact, only 23 percent of shark, ray and chimaera species are categorized as being safe, or of "least concern," IUCN officials said.
Sharks, rays, and chimaeras are also sought for meat, and other products.
6) The hybridity of these psyches evokes the centrality of the Chimaera to Jacques Derrida's essay "The Animal Therefore I Am," that mythical creature with the head and body of a lion, the entrails of a goat, and a dragon's tail.
Then it was that the thought occurred to me that the famed Pegasus had taken flight more because of fear, and that this was the reason why he was traditionally described as winged when he jumped up and leaped into the air and right up to heaven--no doubt he was terrified of being bitten by the fire-breathing Chimaera.
Another hero, Bellerophon, tamed Pegasus with a magical bridle, and used him to launch an aerial attack on the fire-breathing monster Chimaera.
It is also producing a new Sagaris, Tuscan convertible, Tuscan MK II, Cerbera, Chimaera and Griffith models, again at 'fixed price' with a new 6.
MAJESTIC MOTORS: Gary Evans brought along his Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Mk1 (above) and (left) Dave and Brad Baldwin with their Chimaera REVVED UP: Rugby restauranteur Adrian Waller (above) brought along his Shelby GT 350 and (above right) Tom and Ros Commander in their Bentley Special 1948.
Another Nuceria, on the Via Aemilia, is believed to be a chimaera.
Indeed, the recapitulation of the species, so to speak, is clearly evident in the grand bestiary of creatures that are his children, for the likes of the hydra, the sphinx, chimaera, and Cerberus, gatekeeper of the underworld, were all born of his flesh (Whitlock 1983:41).
His intent, apprehended through imprecise rumors and from the sight of the prisoners taken to the camp in the first chapter, is known only from the construction made by the general, who confines the corporal to the realm of unfact or chimaera.
Monsters are expressive of a different aspect of liminality in Book VI of The Aeneid as they make their presence felt "at the doors" (foribus): "And many monsters besides various wild beasts are housed at the doors, Centaurs and double-shaped Scyllas, and the hundredfold Briareus and the beast of Lerna, hissing horribly, and the Chimera armed with flames, Gorgons and Harpies, and the shape of the three-bodied shade: multaque praeterea variarum monstra ferarum, / Centauri in foribus stabulant Scyllaeque biformes / et centumgeminus Briareus ac belua Lernae, / horrendum stridens, flammisque armata Chimaera, / Gorgones Harpyiaeque et forma tricorporis umbrae" (lines 285-89).
Described by her family as "quirky" and a "one-off", Julie loved music, poetry, and comedy and had even worked with popular circus group, Chimaera.