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(Greek mythology) fire-breathing female monster with a lion's head and a goat's body and a serpent's tail

a grotesque product of the imagination

a deep-sea fish with a tapering body, smooth skin, and long threadlike tail

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chimaera isolates sampled in the United Kingdom, United States, and Ireland and reported, "M.
In fact, only 23 percent of shark, ray and chimaera species are categorized as being safe, or of "least concern," IUCN officials said.
Julian would also invent his own imaginary "warfare with the thistles--which we called hydras, chimaera, dragons, and Gorgons," according to Hawthorne's account in his notebook dated July 1851 (8: 445), the very month he published A Wonder Book for Girls and Boys, with its own renditions of these same mythical figures.
Described by her family as "quirky" and a "one-off", Julie loved music, poetry, and comedy and had even worked with popular circus group, Chimaera.
The Chimaera that emerges from the "brick-built Lyclan tomb" (l.
Australian & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd (NYSE: ANZ) (ANZ) has announced that it is not planning to go ahead with its investment in Chimaera Financial Group, an Australian margin lending group.
Chimaera studies of the origin and formation of the pectoral musculature of the avian embryo.
On 5th April, 2007, the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee (the 'STC') published a report on the Government's proposals for the regulation of animal/human hybrid and chimaera embryos for use in research.
TVR is one of the few privately-owned car firms in the UK and specialises in manufacturing highperformance luxury vehicles including the Chimaera and Griffith.
A revolutionary new printing process for leather has been pioneered on the upholstery of a TVR Chimaera (corr), and may eventually be seen on all home and fashion accessory leather goods
The Chimaera is the name TVR gave a less expensive car they also introduced in 1994.
Human chimaera detectable only by investigation of her progeny.