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Early spring is the harvesting season for chilli peppers in Egypt.
Research by Tesco found more chilli peppers are sold in their East Anglian and Cambridgeshire stores, with shoppers buying a third more than in London and 150 per cent more than the West Country and Wales combined.
Load into the warmed tacos and top with the coriander, sesame seeds and slices of chilli pepper.
London, Oct 3 ( ANI ): UK's hottest commercially grown chilli pepper - the Bedfordshire Super Naga, can now be found on supermarket shelves, complete with a warning not to handle with bare hands.
GREAT VENUE Fans packed into the Stadium of Light to see Bruce Springsteen LEGEND Bruce Springsteen put on another amazing show READY TO ROCK Red Hot Chilli Peppers take the mantle tomorrow
As you sink your teeth into a chilli pepper, your lips start to tingle and before long you may feel like your whole mouth is on fire.
17) The cuisines of southwestern Szechuan and Hunan still employ more chilli peppers than any other area in China.
The singer will join the Red Hot Chilli Peppers on five of their dates.
Crowds of devoted fans of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers started queuing from 4am when the tickets went on sale on February 21.
On any given trip, according to Randel, one can count on catching salmon grouper (Boccacio), red snapper, ling cod, starries, chilli peppers and even sand dabs.
The newcomers -- flavoured with garlic, basil or chilli peppers -- are made by infusing the taste of the added ingredients in casks containing plain olive oil.
Hot chilli peppers IT may be cold outside but you can create some sizzling heat in the kitchen if you start off some hot chilli peppers on a warm
Washington, Oct 16 (ANI): It has been claimed that chilli peppers can cause death if taken in large quantities.
Chilli peppers can often be seen on the Italian islands hanging in long strips from people's balconies.
CHILLI peppers are great for use in cooking - and are easy to grow yourself.