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Synonyms for chili

ground beef and chili peppers or chili powder often with tomatoes and kidney beans

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Mapuhi might well have sold it for fourteen hundred Chili, but that Levy, who knew pearls, should have paid twenty-five thousand francs was too wide a stretch.
that if you had not sold the pearl, he would give you five thousand French dollars, which is ten thousand Chili.
Also will he give one thousand French in credit, which is two thousand Chili.
High sodium levels are a concern with many supermarket chilis.
Red Hot Chili Grower: The Complete Guide to Planting, Picking, and Preserving Chilis narrows the gardening and cooking focus to all kinds of chilis, from Scotch Bonnet to Hungarian Hot Wax, and provides step-by-step instructions that begin with sowing seeds and growing chilis to harvesting and using them.
Although the restaurant has been serving up gourmet chilis for more than a decade at its current location, the time was right to check it out.
Hormelmakes two 99% Fat Free Turkey Chilis, one VVlth Beans and one with No Beans.
But there will be lots of other meritorious chilis out there, so we thought a sneak preview might be helpful:
There's three or four really good chilis out there,'' he said, settling into the cool of the shaded booth.
And city officials joined Koulax's heirs to celebrate the unchanged menu of chiliburgers, hot dogs, tamales and fries always accompanied by burning yellow chilis.
At first glance you see a menu of just salads, hot dogs and chilis.
Torres and his girlfriend, Michelle Lundby, and their son, Cole, 21 months, were checking out some of the chilis produced by 53 competing cooks in the 25th annual Conejo Valley Days Chili Cook Off at Conejo Creek Park.
It's been available through caterers and restaurants for several years, and it won a first-place award for Jinky's in Sherman Oaks in March 1997 when the Daily News readership helped me pick the area's best chilis.
He also makes specialty chilis such as an Irish whiskey chili with red rose potatoes, and chilis ranging from mild to extremely hot with beef, with chicken, with turkey, with two meats, or meatless.
Oregano goes into most of Hoffman's chilis, but he prefers Mexican oregano over the variety used in Italian cooking.