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Under surveillance, excluded from the economy, and harassed by the military, 140,000 Chileans fled their country between 1973 and 1978.
Consistent with Canadian immigration policy over time, officials saw an opportunity to benefit the nation economically by accepting "young, well-educated and adaptable" Chileans.
Some of the Chileans have not yet been able to contact their relatives back home, especially in the rural areas, due to disrupted communications, but we hope that they are all safe," he said.
Chilean wines are earning increasing respect these days, largely for their value: A fine bottle can be had for under $30.
Around the dinner table, a dozen Chileans discuss the coincidence of the U.
His captors, the soldiers of Chilean President General Augusto Pinochet, dunked him repeatedly in a tub of water.
By common (Dutch) consensus, the Chileans represented the best hope for an American ally.
Brazil lost, and Saturday night Dunga resumed playing the role of drill sergeant against the Chileans, who have not won a match in the World Cup since 1962, but who rallied to tie in each of their three first-round games.
Tompkins says that his phone was tapped, and that his life has been threatened by a group of Chilean Nazis.
Discussing the nationalization of the copper mine, Perez argues that nationalization was necessary in order to allow Chileans to develop their own technology and to give opportunities to Chilean professionals and technicians.
Timerman, himself a victim of torture in Argentina, quotes an opposition leader expressing his shock at the tortures who have emerged from the entrails of Chile, but when Timerman uses the quote he is not talking just about the government, but about Chileans.
Chileans drink 16 liters per capita of wine, according to Vinas de Chile figures.
Arellano will also attempt to gain an agreement whereby the Argentines maintain scrutiny over Prats and regularly inform the Chileans of his activities.
They explained that, in alignment with the strategic objectives of both companies, this partnership will be a powerful tool for growing this industry and providing life insurance to all Chileans, regardless of their income level.
Chileans, however, preach patience as their country slowly turns into the Southern Cone's free-trade gateway, since its treaty with the United States only went into effect on January 1, 2004.