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black wine grape originally from the region of Bordeaux

dry red wine made from a grape grown widely in Bordeaux and California

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20 One bottle Villa Rosa Chilean Merlot pounds 13 Bar (fivelemonades,one glass wine) pounds 7.
99), smooth red Somerfield Chilean Merlot 2000 (Somerfield, pounds 4.
Today, Malbec is synonymous with Argentina and Chilean Merlot is hard to find.
Another crowd pleaser that's affordable, and equivalent to three bottles of wine, The Co-operative Chilean Merlot Wine Box, Valle Central, Chile (PS12.
The house red was a Chilean merlot which was very fruity and went down exceedingly well.
Meanwhile we had discovered the delights of Australian shiraz, Chilean merlot and South African chenin.
BEST BUYS Some rose recommendations Fairtrade Chilean Merlot Rose pounds 4.
They'll be pressing Chilean Merlot and taking patrons through the process of winemaking, step-by-step.
With a very good bottle of Chilean Merlot a shade over pounds 16, the bill just tipped pounds 60.
On the advice of Patricia Green, the company's independent wine consultant who overseas quality control, Barrel Booze entered the International Wine Challenge for the first time this year and won "Seal of Approval" awards for its Rioja and Chilean Merlot.
Remembering this fact, I set the Chilean Merlot in the cart, then circle back, quickly, to Produce.
But for me--as, I suspect, for most New Yorkers--it was just another wine, no more special than Italian Chianti or Chilean Merlot.
And there's a decent Chilean merlot, the Unduragga '95, for only $12.
Analysis soon showed that Carmenere had been planted willy-nilly among the Merlot, and that much of Chilean Merlot was in reality Carmenere.
99 at Majestic, where minimum purchase rules apply) This Chilean merlot contains a sophisticated, earthy depth to underpin the grape's customary cherry fruit and then embellishes it with touches of clove, vanilla, damson and raspberry.