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She adds, "It's important to offer the gourmet cook unique and premium ingredients that allow them to create the trendiest flavors and cuisines, like Saigon cinnamon, Turkish bay leaves, garam masala, chipotle and ancho chile peppers, wasabi powder, lemon grass, red curry powder and cardamom.
The Fiery Food Challenge, a competition sponsored by Chile Pepper magazine, is a blind taste-test judging of entries in more than 80 categories.
Drizzle with Sweet Chile Pepper and Cilantro Sauce, sprinkle with chili peppers, and serve.
One of the chemical irritants Green has studied is capsaicin, the pungent molecule in chile pepper.
Now Universal offers a red bell pepper flavor with a sweet and slightly smoky character, a chile pepper flavor with a charred pepper skin character, a tomato flavor with a sun-dried tomato character, a roasted garlic flavor and a sauteed onion flavor.
The Scovie Award wins closely follow the three "Golden Chile" Awards earned by the Pace brand in September at the 2009 Fiery Food Challenge, sponsored by Chile Pepper magazine.
For something with a bit of zing to start, Yen grills squid rings ($8) to crunchy chewiness and presents them with chile pepper sauce.
Dave DeWitt, editor of Chile Pepper, a 7-year-old six-times-a-year magazine devoted solely to spicy world cuisine, has a quick answer: "Americans are finally catching up with what the rest of the world knew for centuries.
The Pineapple Mango Chipotle variety has already proven a hit with salsa aficionados, taking 2nd place in the popular fruit salsa category in Chile Pepper magazine's 2009 Fiery Food Challenge.
95 subscription to The Whole Chile Pepper magazine, Out West Publishing, Box 4278, Albuquerque 87196.
PARIS, Texas -- Still a hot commodity 60 years after pioneering the Mexican sauces category, Pace Picante Sauce and salsas took top honors for their categories in Chile Pepper magazine's 2009 Fiery Food Challenge.
In addition to the kebab, each plate arrives filled with nicely executed rice, a roasted poblano chile pepper, usually two roasted tomato halves and some scattered onion shavings.
The source of chili's flavor is the chile pepper, and there are more than 150 varieties - including chipotle, poblano, jalapeEo, habanero and more.
25), a frothy, light dish, very generously portioned, as are most of the Hot Wok creations, reveals the occasional small red fleck of hot chile pepper.
We're pleased to have the opportunity to help the thousands of evacuees by being a designated site for hurricane relief efforts," says Marie Dalby, editor-in-chief of Chile Pepper magazine, which sponsors the annual food festival.