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It will also construct two children's playgrounds on an area of 623m 2 , besides 583m 2 at East 02-11, and East 7B respectively.
The long list of features includes eight function rooms, three lobby lounges, two restaurants, two swimming pools, two fitness centres, spa, games room, and a children's playground etc.
Commenting on the openingof the children's playground, Alba's Chief Executive, Laurent Schmitt, said: "At Alba,we are dedicated to provide the very best in recreational facilities for ouremployees.
In this study, a companion piece to a previous examination of children's playground equipment buyer perspectives, we investigate what children's playground equipment manufacturers think about using treated wood.
Now, the non-profit agency and its partner, the New York City Parks Department, are planning to bring two food kiosks, a children's playground, a public green and extended bike paths to the West Side oasis.
Cemetery Memorial Park on Ventura's Main Street dates back to 1862 and sits in an area a mile from Mission San Buenaventura, land rich in history, land where city officials are asking residents to help decide if a children's playground should be built, or perhaps a picnic area.
To the west, serving a neighbouring housing estate, is a children's playground and small park.
You cared enough to give pounds 100,000 to our Sarah Payne appeal - funding a children's playground in her memory.
At Sandown, which I visited recently with my children aged two and five, the children's playground, compared with the rest of the amenities, is inexcusable.
It features five pools, tennis courts, a children's playground, restaurants, a coffee shop and a bar surrounded by putting greens and large shade trees.
Q: You point out that adults accept government policies - such as progressive taxation - whose moral principles they would rebel against if applied to their children's playground.
The area had had little upkeep since 1940, and it showed: Topsoil had eroded, dead trees had not been replaced, and there were no trees shading the children's playground.
Residents will enjoy neighborhood amenities that include a community garden, pool, cabana and children's playground.
There is also a cornice and a children's playground.
The city of Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm intends to award a children's playground in the urban area on the Wannersperger Strae in the coming months with planning and execution services.
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