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a collection of docile animals for children to pet and feed

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coli O157 linked to Horton Park Children's Farm, but added: "The hygiene arrangements were found to be unsatisfactory and the HPA advised the local authority that the farm should be closed immediately while these defects were rectified.
A spokesman for Ash End House Children's Farm said: "We invited a class of children from the school to come and visit the other animals at the farm and to see how they are taken care of.
The 1,300-acre working farm, with separate children's farm, features the full range of traditional farm livestock and small animals as well as arable crops.
But Sooty's exertions have now been rewarded - with the arrival of 43 offspring at the children's farm where he is kept.
Its sister farm, Horton Park Children's Farm in Epsom, has also shut because of "unsatisfactory" hygiene arrangements.
Four-week-old Scooby is being kept at the children's farm until he becomes strong enough to join the rest of the group.
Ash End House Children's Farm in Middleton is launching its year of food and farming, and its education centre is one of the first in the Midlands.
The pair and other schoolfriends at Bilton Infant School, in Rugby, get to witness a very fluffy version of the miracle of birth every spring, thanks to a children's farm.
Mr Adams had bred 450 birds for slaughter this Christmas but he had been asked to keep two aside for a children's farm at Leisure Lakes near Southport, Merseyside.
Mr Hornsby secretly contacted the National Farmers Union to ask for its help and it found Ash End House Children's Farm near Tamworth, Staffordshire, was only too happy to oblige.
The Children's Farm is immensely popular as children can touch and feed the animals.
The students, who are from Acocks Green, are both studying for a diploma in animal care and gave up their spare time to look after the animals kept at the community centre's children's farm.
The rabbit was alleged to have been grabbed from the children's farm at the zoo and thrown to Albert the alligator who ate it.
The tour of the borough included visits to Broomey Croft Children's Farm and Women in Rural Enterprise at the Field2Kitchen in Dobbies Garden World.
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