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a collection of docile animals for children to pet and feed

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Featured on the cover of the book is a shaggy Highland from Scotland, often only seen by American children in a zoo, Tulsa, Oklahoma is one zoo having a Highland in the children's zoo area.
The leopard was transferred from the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo in Indiana to The Living Desert on Tuesday, November 19th.
This was a real problem, especially since the zoo is expecting the number of guests to increase following the recent openings of a children's zoo, parking garage, and entertainment center.
At the children's zoo, trainee keeper Jo Shirley (left) is drafted in to help some baby boarlets who were born into too large a litter.
Travelodge Travelodge Offers Free Children's Zoo Admission With Two-Night Stay.
A plan for a PS100,000 zoo in Jesmond Vale, containing lions and tigers was dumped, in favour of a children's zoo with rabbits and hamsters.
And now I know that the San Francisco Zoo has a special Children's Zoo.
Age 9 months+ BABIES will adore discovering different sounds and textures with a Jelly Kitten Baby's Jungle Tails book, pounds 11 at Debenhams WITH 20 animals to play with, the Playmobil Children's Zoo, pounds 29.
The mall is drawing unprecedented crowds during the long Eid holidays as it has children's attractions, food courts and shopping outlets, including an aquarium and a children's zoo.
To Brookfield Zoo' package, including accommodation for two adults and two children for room rates commencing at USD159, four general admission passes to the Brookfield Zoo, four Children's Zoo passes, four Motor Safari passes, one parking pass, four carousel passes, complimentary breakfast for two adults and two children, complimentary shuttle service to Hinsdale train station, and a late checkout.
At Calderglen, kids can have a ball at the children's zoo before discovering the delights of the toddlers play area and the large adventure play area for older kids.
A family of capybaras, the world's largest rodents, enjoyed the full star-treatment on at Saitama Children's Zoo, north of Tokyo, as they jumped into an open-air hot tub.
The 98-acrc site will include a marketplace, playing fields, a gym and a children's zoo to form a year-round destination, easily reached by bus from the city centre, six miles away.
SOUTHWELL puts on a family fun day tomorrow, with a special children's zoo, including rabbits, guinea pigs, gophers, ducks and chickens and ferret racing.
The Winnick Family Children's Zoo received eight black-tailed prairie dogs - seven females and one male - in March.
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