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Synonyms for nanny


Synonyms for nanny

a woman who is the custodian of children

female goat

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A pioneering outdoor activity scheme involving under-fives has earned childminders in the Stirling area a Natural Health Award.
Mrs Wynne and her husband, Dean, also a childminder, were taking a three-week holiday in America at the time.
Mrs Wynne (pictured above) and her husband, Dean, also a childminder, were taking a three-week holiday in America at the time.
She said Bate didn't act "robustly" enough after childminder Heather Farmer, referred to as HF, highlighted bruising to Liam's face on January 15, 2013, and that he had "a sore neck" the next month.
Childminders look after children in their own home, whilst the children's parents are at work or studying.
CHILDMINDERS in Redcar and Cleveland are twice as likely to be branded inadequate than the England average, according to data provided by the education watchdog Ofsted.
When Jake sadly passed away, it affected everyone - me, my children and other childminders and their children.
e survey found 86% of childminders do not intend to join a childminder agency, 81% of all practitioners expect agencies to lead to an increase in childcare fees, and 85% are opposed to plans not to require all agency-registered childminders to be inspected by Ofsted.
Social Protection and Social Equality spokesman Mr O'Dea hit out after it emerged Revenue is to force all childminders to fill in a 26-page tax return form regardless of their income.
Other groups chosen include schools, children's centres, nurseries and childminder networks.
Dawn Stronach has been short-listed for 2013 Childminder of the Year at the annual Nursery World Awards.
Early last year the TREATMENT J Cavan little girl was rushed to Cavan General Hospital by the childminder, suffering from seizures.
There are strong regional variations across the UK, with mothers in Wales having to work more than 17 weeks a year before the cost of a childminder or a nursery is covered, according to mutual Family Investments.
This means that for every registered childminder in Wales, another three jobs are supported elsewhere in the economy.
CHILDMINDERS look after children in the childminder's home.