acute lymphoblastic leukemia

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acute leukemia characterized by proliferation of immature lymphoblast-like cells in bone marrow, lymph nodes, spleen, and blood

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Breast-feeding is a highly accessible and low-cost preventive public health measure that has been found in numerous studies to be associated not only with lower risk for childhood leukemia but also with lower risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), gastrointestinal infection, ear infection, type 2 diabetes and obesity later in life,' he added.
Increased Childhood Leukemia May Result From Natural Gas Extraction
While none of the studies explained why or how breast milk could be lowering the risk of childhood leukemia, the researchers suggested it contains "many immunologically active components and anti-inflammatory defense mechanisms that influence the development of an infant's immune system.
Given that childhood leukemia is relatively rare, the new study was limited by its sample size.
The researchers concluded that 14-19% of all cases of childhood leukemia could be prevented by breastfeeding all children for at least six months.
At the very least this discovery gives us a new window into inherited causes of childhood leukemia.
The two-step model for childhood leukemia proposes that leukemia development occurs after both a first mutation, usually a chromosomal translocation occurring in utero, and a second mutation occurring after birth (6,7).
My Blood Brother: A Story About Childhood Leukemia" is a children's picture book that explains about ALL, acute lymphocytic leukemia, or childhood Leukemia, through the eyes of two brothers, Stefan and Sam.
A case-control study of childhood leukemia in southern Ontario, Canada, and exposure to magnetic fields in residences.
Greaves (The Institute of Cancer Research, UK) has edited this collection of personal stories, anecdotes and research concerning childhood leukemia, delivering the perspectives and insights of pediatricians, child psychologists, family members and the patients themselves.
CRICKET legend Sir Ian Botham put his feet up after finishing his 12th charity walk and toasted another pounds 1million raised to fight childhood leukemia.
The Childhood Leukemia Society has granted his wish to meet driver Dennis Anderson and ride in his TV monster truck, the Gravedigger.
1-3) These studies reported an approximate 40% increase in the risk of childhood leukemia among offspring of women who received diagnostic x-rays in pregnancy.
PI affects a million children and young adults, an incidence greater than childhood leukemia and lymphoma combined.
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