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make safe against children


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Meanwhile, residents living in the 11-storey Bouhamra Building in Sharjah have been served notice to open up their flats to allow crews in to child-proof all windows in apartments.
On 5 February, the European Commission announced that it was going to prolong the validity of Decision 2006/502/EC, which required member states to take measures to ensure that only cigarette lighters that were child-proof remain on the market and to ban novelty lighters.
Create a child-proof zone on any shared devices which you can access via the lock screen.
You tell them to steer clear of fires and cookers and fill your home with socket covers and child-proof gates.
A CAPT survey earlier this year found that more than three-quarters of parents thought child-proof caps were impossible for children to open.
But Katrina warns that some three and four-year-old children can open child-proof caps in seconds, so parents and grandparents should keep medicines and cleaning products in a locked or high cupboard.
A CAPT survey found three-quarters of parents thought child-proof caps were impossible for children to open.
The Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) claims almost three-quarters (73%) of parents 'mistakenly' believe child safety tops make medicines and cleaning products child-proof.
And many items we tend to leave out in the open, such as cosmetics or shampoo, don't have child-proof closures.
CR-Vs are well-built, with a child-proof interior, but the ride is a little firm.
These child-proof tops are not so easy for older hands like mine
Sue and Jennifer, with the help of Barnardo's, learned how to child-proof the house as both the boys, given their difficult past, would break things when they were angry.
Use earthquake-or child-proof hardware if necessary.
CHECK your home is child-proof, as yougsters like to go off and explore.
Safety has been given high priority with every apartment equipped with leading safety features including a security system, fire safety and alarm system, smoke detection system and child-proof electrical switches.