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  • noun

Synonyms for adoption

Synonyms for adoption

a ready taking up of something

Synonyms for adoption

the act of accepting with approval

a legal proceeding that creates a parent-child relation between persons not related by blood

the appropriation (of ideas or words etc) from another source

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Dirk Bethmann& Michael Kvasnicka (2012) conducted a study on a theory of child adoption.
Medical bodies such as the Indian Council of Medical Research ( ICMR) and in- vitro fertilization ( IVF) experts are of the view that the option of surrogacy has made the idea of child adoption pale.
A committee affiliated with Sharjah Social Services has approved 13 applications for child adoption.
AKEL and EDEK said neither society nor the state were yet ready to accept child adoption from same sex couples.
BEIRUT: An illegal child adoption agency which allegedly worked to convince migrant domestic workers to give up newborns in return for facilitating travel back home has been accused of child trafficking and forging birth certificates.
Because child adoption laws vary from state to state, there are no established criteria for determining the eligibility of an individual with a history of mental illness.
Child adoption program includes abused children and those vulnerable to physical or sexual assault.
A HUDDERSFIELD solicitor has been asked to help advise the Government about problems with child adoption.
We have been watching the latest episode over the past couple of days when the Government decided to give a response to another non-existent question in connection to the legalization of one-gender marriages and at the same time expand it with the supposed demand for child adoption by such couples.
Some individuals choose to pursue infertility treatments and child adoption concurrently.
Social workers say that the convention for child adoption abroad gives priority to families where the orphans were born, but Kosovo's laws allow adoption of children by foreign parents too.
These charted patterns of international child adoption since the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, compared events there with those following other tragedies, such as the tsunami in Japan and the floods in Pakistan, and assessed the significance of human rights legislation and the politics of child rescue in relation to what has happened.
London, Sept 29(ANI): The child adoption system has declined in the United Kingdom, with just 63 children adopted in 2010.
Court in India has recently ruled that in child adoption cases when the Indian parent actually kidnapped the child from the custodial parent in another country, Indian courts have jurisprudence--and likely won't give the child back to the custodial parent so it must be OK to take American kids from their mothers.
Her office hasn't dealt with inter-country child adoption in Egypt, however, since adoption is not permitted under Sharia law.
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