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Synonyms for adoption

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Synonyms for adoption

a ready taking up of something

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Synonyms for adoption

the act of accepting with approval

a legal proceeding that creates a parent-child relation between persons not related by blood

the appropriation (of ideas or words etc) from another source

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The Texas Legislature has passed a fourth version of a military child custody statute.
"We cannot conclude, simply because a party to this case faces deportation, that federal immigration laws preempt this State's authority to decide matters involving child custody. We have stated that the jurisdiction of the State in juvenile adjudication cases arises out of the power every sovereignty possesses as parens patriae to every child within its borders to determine the status and custody that will best meet the child's needs and wants....
The LHC chief justice had ordered proceeding of child custody cases at the evening time in order to prevent their exposure to criminals in the courts and uninterrupted studies.
[USA], Dec 1 ( ANI ): Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have come to a temporary child custody agreement, two years after they announced separation.
The centers will offer services related to child custody laws as well as providing social and psychological support to parents and children to reduce tension and protect child rights.
Okoh explained that the N250,000 monthly maintenance included payment for feeding and wardrobe allowance, among others, in accordance with the N300,000 earlier child custody agreement reached by their families.
Ms Muhoro, who worked as a software engineer in Canberra, was scheduled to attend a child custody hearing at 11.30 am at the Family Court, but failed to show up.
Miller is a game-changer in custodial removal matters and puts the Yannas-Mason standards for child custody removal actions on life support.
This guide outlines an approach to conducting child custody evaluations consistent with the guidelines and ethical standards of the American Psychological Association and based on psychological research.
(1) An effective drug and alcohol evaluation and monitoring plan during a child custody dispute safeguards the well-being of the minor children and protects--as much as possible--the parenting time of drug- or alcohol-involved parents.
Williams concentrates his practice on domestic relations, primarily handling complex divorce, high-income alimony/spousal support, complex child support, and high-conflict child custody cases.
The Sharjah Sharia Court has called on its judges presiding over child custody cases to take the Wudeema Law into account.
Lebanese actress Nadine al Rassi is fighting a fierce child custody battle with her ex-husband Giscard Abi Nader .
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