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Synonyms for sapodilla

large tropical American evergreen yielding chicle gum and edible fruit

tropical fruit with a rough brownish skin and very sweet brownish pulp

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Each of the farms had 200 to 2,500 palm trees, 50 to 100 mango, lemon and chikoo trees in addition to vegetables and a variety of melons.
With an eye on agriculture, Khan planted the farm with a number of Alphonso mango and chikoo trees along with coconut palms.
The participants of the delegation specialize in the production and export of various fruits and vegetables including Guava, Chikoo (Sepatila), Mango, Citrus, Berry, Potato, Dry fruits, Gurr, Tobacco (cigar), Fresh and dry dates etc.
PARK TOP bay filly, born May 27, 1964 Pedigree Donatello Alycidon Aurora Kalydon (b 1956) Bobsleigh Lackaday Lackadaisy Prince Chevalier Arctic Prince Arctic Sun Nellie Park (b 1957) Denturius Oola Hills Chikoo Bred by Mrs L Scott in Britain 500gns Tattersalls Houghton yearling sales Race record Ran 24 Won 13 2nd 6 3rd 2 Earned pounds 137,572 Big races won Ribblesdale Stakes, Prix d'Hedouville, Coronation Cup, Hardwicke Stakes, King George VI & Queen Elizabeth Stakes, Prix Foy, La Coupe, Cumberland Lodge Stakes Your recollections of last week's Giant of the Turf, NijinskyWas lucky enough to beat Ascot when he won the King George.
The novel, Irani explained, is set among the Irani community in the heart of the chikoo land of Dahanu, a little way off Mumbai -- a landscape the author was familiar with since childhood since his parents owned a farm there.
The family-run shop serves up the sweet dessert Indian-style, with flavors that are hard to come by this far from Bollywood, such as saffron, gulkand (made with rose petals), and chikoo (a tropical fruit).
Being somewhat a hard fruit, transporting apples long distances is relatively easy compared to other fruit such as banana, chikoo, and mangoes.
Varieties include: Pistachio, packed with the real pistachios, unlike many "pistachio-flavored" products that use less-expensive almonds; Saffron, with almonds and real saffron; Mango, made with custardy Alphonso mangoes; Malai, an Indian favorite of cream and almond; Chikoo, with sapote fruit, kiwi, pear, pistachios and brown sugar; Faluda, infused with sweetened exotic rosewater, Strawberry and Coconut.
In the lower Sindh the fertility of the land and better climatic conditions is helpful for cultivation of value added crops like Mango, Guava, jujube, chikoo.
The place is popular for its fruit ice-creams -- the best ones being sitaphal, chikoo and watermelon.
He also explained about banana tissue culture, mung bean-sugarcane intercropping, wheat zero tillage as well as initiatives taken in research of different horticultural plants like Ber, Chikoo, Falsa, Tomato and Bamboo.