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a city in northern Mexico in the state of Chihuahua

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a state in northern Mexico

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an old breed of tiny short-haired dog with protruding eyes from Mexico held to antedate Aztec civilization

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Pemex is upgrading its Camargo plant in Chihuahua state by Q116 in order to reactivate fertiliser production.
But shades of the years long drug war that gripped this gritty part of Chihuahua state known as the Valley of Juarez remained intact.
Carlos Gonzalez, spokesman for the Chihuahua state prosecutors' office, said driver Francisco Velazquez appeared to lose control of the truck after leaping over cars it was crushing during a demonstration at the ''Extreme Aeroshow'' on Saturday.
The other victims were the girl's mother, three teenage boys and five adult men, said Arturo Sandoval, spokesman for Chihuahua state prosecutors' office.
A statement from Chihuahua state prosecutors said two of the victims found in the village of Mesa de la Reforma had been decapitated and all six were shot.
Of the 26 deaths reported from Friday to Saturday, 16 of them took place in Chihuahua state, which shares a long border with the United States.
The contract will allow Minera Frisco to acquire the Ocampo mine and the adjacent exploration projects 'Venus' and 'Los Jarros', all located in Chihuahua State, Mexico and a 50 percent interest in the Orion advanced development project located in Nayarit State, Mexico from AuRico Gold.
In an interview last month, Chihuahua state spokesman Guillermo Terrazas Villanueva told Al Jazeera that the CIA and other international "security" outfits "don't fight drug traffickers.
Dia Bras, based in Montreal, Quebec, is focused on precious and base metals exploration and mining in Chihuahua state, other areas of northern Mexico and its Yauricocha mine for silver, lead, zinc, copper and gold in Peru.
TSX VENTURE:DIB) is pleased to report that final assay results from drilling at the Corralitos project of its Batopilas property, Chihuahua State, Mexico have been received.
A spokesman for Chihuahua state prosecutors said a group of inmates entered the preventive detention area and opened fire on other inmates there.
Violence mainly impacted those involved in illegal activities, but the Chihuahua state human rights commission recently reported at least 200 families have been killed in retaliation for the actions of relatives.
The government already has operations targeting drug gangs in other parts of Mexico, including Chihuahua state, but the efforts so far have failed to quell drug violence, which has killed 28,000 people since Felipe Calderon, the president, launched his offensive on organised crime in 2006.
Marisol Valles, 20, who is studying criminology, has been appointed as chief of police of the northern Mexican border town of Praxedis Guadalupe Guerrero, in Chihuahua State.
Veteran human rights lawyer Gustavo de la Rosa, an investigator for the Chihuahua state human rights commission that covers Ciudad Juarez, analysed a pool of 5,000 drug war dead in the city.