Chihuahuan Desert

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a desert in western Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and northern Mexico

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Other pipeline projects included the Williams 235 mile Longhorn Pipeline Project through portions of the Chihuahua Desert in far West Texas and the CIG 116 mile Pipeline Project in Colorado.
and sets off into the Chihuahua desert, headed for the United States.
A Gazetteer of the Chihuahuan Desert Region (a supplement to the Chihuahua Desert Flora).
An abandoned Mexican prison sits alone in the dusty Chihuahua desert.
A decade ago, the description could have fit either of the Kaczynski brothers - Theodore, who had taken to a solitary refuge in the wilderness forests of Montana, or the younger David, who back then lived here, in the sun-baked wastes of the Chihuahua Desert.
border and east of the Chihuahua Desert, El Carmen is a joint effort between CEMEX and the Sierra Madre Association to protect one of Mexico's most pristine ecological zones.
They are migratory corridors between the prairies of the north and the Sonora, Mojave, and Chihuahua deserts in the south.