Chihuahuan Desert

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a desert in western Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and northern Mexico

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The Chihuahua Desert contains three biosphere reserves: the Mapimi reserve in Mexico and the Big Bend National Park (699,916 acres [283,247 ha]) and the Jornada Experimental Range (193,475 acres [78,297 ha]) in the United States.
The Mapimi Biosphere Reserve is located in the center of the Chihuahua Desert, on the edge of the Mexican states of Durango, Coahuila, and Chihuahua.
The Chihuahua Desert can be considered a deciduous subdesert of succulent plants; it has a very rich, though limited, flora with a large number of endemic species.
In the Chihuahua Desert, there are many birds, including the roadrunner (Geococcyx californianus), the American kestrel (Falco sparverius), the lark bunting (Calamospiza melanocorys), ladder-backed woodpecker (Picoides scalaris), the cactus wren (Campylorhynchus brunneicapillus), and some larger desert birds such as the turkey vulture or turkey buzzard (Cathartes aura).
There are large areas of plains covered by scrub like this in southern and western Texas, and they mark the transition with the true Chihuahua Desert, which extends from Mexico to the southwestern tip of Texas, southern New Mexico, and southeastern Arizona.
A Gazetteer of the Chihuahuan Desert Region (a supplement to the Chihuahua Desert Flora).
An abandoned Mexican prison sits alone in the dusty Chihuahua desert.
And 'Sicario' is the opposite; we went for the harsh, brutal light of the Chihuahua Desert (in Mexico)--very harsh, very cruel sunlight.
Yet these differences may be more apparent than real, bearing in mind that the nights may be extremely cold in the Sahara (several degrees below zero), or if we consider the intermediate situations seen in several deserts that are transitions between these extremes, as in the many sites between the typically cold desert of the Great Basin or the adjacent typical hot Sonoran Desert and Chihuahua Desert.
A decade ago, the description could have fit either of the Kaczynski brothers - Theodore, who had taken to a solitary refuge in the wilderness forests of Montana, or the younger David, who back then lived here, in the sun-baked wastes of the Chihuahua Desert.
border and east of the Chihuahua Desert, El Carmen is a joint effort between CEMEX and the Sierra Madre Association to protect one of Mexico's most pristine ecological zones.
We know the biological importance of the region and are conscious of its frailty and the richness of the Chihuahua Desert.
In the liner notes for the soundtrack, Villeneuve states that he wanted Johannsson's score to feel like "a threat, coming from under your feet, deep under the surface of the scorched earth of the Chihuahua desert.
They are migratory corridors between the prairies of the north and the Sonora, Mojave, and Chihuahua deserts in the south.