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a sheer fabric of silk or rayon

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It was all about lawn, chiffon and silk fabrics with modern contemporary cuts, embellishments of pearls, stones and a vibrant colour palette.
The brand design team used the finest quality of fabrics ranging from jacquards, silk, chiffon, net and lawn with cuts that were traditional yet contemporary.
Then come the exquisite hand-painted ones, two-tone chiffons, the ones with Swarovski stoning work, the metallic ones, the 36-gram ones and the ones weighing 40 grams.
Pamela Singh, wife of a tea planter in Jorhat in northeastern Indian state of Assam, has been frequenting Ratti for Chantilly lace pieces and French chiffons for over a decade.
Valentino created elegant lace dresses in pastel colours, tiered with glittering chiffons.
The tea-dress makes a welcome return in a chiffon, more ladylike just-below-the-knee length and a classic peasant dress is brought up-to-date with paisley inserts.
Floaty chiffon pirate blouses and silk shirts in chintzy prints echo this hippy laid-back dressing.
Lightweight chiffon shirting has placement prints of inky crushed petal and painterly strokes, trousers of jet-black soft leather and denim have tapered ankles and animal-print treatments.
There were dots and color splashes and plaids and floral prints, all of which radiated in harmony with chiffons, silks, satins and woven ethnic-inspired fabrics.
The softest knits meet the sheerest chiffons in clothes so delicate they're barely there.
Seek out floaty chiffons, see-through silks and floaty organza.
Favored fabrics included sheer chiffons (such as that used by Zac Posen for the pretty skirts of his cocktail ensembles), silky satins and clingy jerseys.
When Cherie Blair needed a special outfit for a dinner with Eastern Eye magazine, it was Chiffons owner Babs Mahil she turned to for help.
DRESSING up for summer will be a sheer delight this year as see-through chiffons and cool crepes take over the high street.