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the head of a tribe or clan

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At the ready Killin Highland Games chairman Charlie Grant and chieftan Dr Colin McKenzie
"Once we were out on patrol, and there was a big fuss because someone had broken radio silence to report that Chieftan must be pinning for Jerry because we had been away from base camp for so long.
The Society, an expat group started by Scottish residents of the Sultanate in 1976, holds a number of events through the year that both foster ties among the Scottish community and introduce Scottish culture to other people, as well as raising money to help charities in Oman and Scotland, Forbes Clow, Chieftan of the society said.
Famous for her fiery locks, the stunner is genuine royalty - her father is Chieftan of an Aberdeenshire clan and her mother a descendant of King Charles II.
Salute to the Chieftan, when massed bands play en masse then march through the town, followed by a dramatic fireworks display at the Coal Pier.
The chieftan class, who are the traditional custodians of the land, have increasingly profited from rising property values by selling the commons to predatory real estate agents.
The Winnebago Chieftan motor home rolled off the highway and down an embankment and overturned, trapping six occupants and several dogs inside, authorities said.
Human resources director, The Pueblo Chieftan Pueblo, Colo.
Sitting Bull, a victorious chieftan at the Battle of Little Big Horn later went on tour in which travelling show?
Call 0871 2222001 or visit MILITARY VEHICLE DRIVING Various sites GET a taste of SAS-style action by driving Chieftan tanks and going on woodland patrols.
He provides some sense of Chickasaw culture and religion and describes how a feather cape worn by the chieftan would have had the power of "spiritual armor." He ties this to the culture's belief that birds live "in the above world...messengers to the creator god in the sky." But as he explains he offers only a glimpse of the Chickasaw world; citations provide resources for further reading.
The son of a country chieftan, Tewodros had spent the early part of his life as a charismatic outlaw, but by 1853, he had gathered enough support to snatch the throne from his father-in-law, who was emperor at the time.