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the head of a tribe or clan

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Human resources director, The Pueblo Chieftan Pueblo, Colo.
Sitting Bull, a victorious chieftan at the Battle of Little Big Horn later went on tour in which travelling show?
Recommendations Loughteen Blanco 1pt win at 7-1 with Betfred Boher Chieftan 0.
Due to declining revenue and tougher than expected market conditions, New Elk coal mine officials announced May 17 that 70 miners have been laid off, according to the Pueblo Chieftan.
As one of Chamberlain High School's 2,600 students, Hawkins played on the 1976 conference championship golf team; served as treasurer of the student body; was an editor of The Chieftan school newspaper, receiving an award for outstanding journalist; and exposed his funny sense of humor as a thespian with an award-winning acting troupe.
uk MILITARY VEHICLE DRIVING Various sites GET a taste of SAS-style action by driving Chieftan tanks and going on woodland patrols.
aging "Gothic chieftan," who, rather than succumb to a
He provides some sense of Chickasaw culture and religion and describes how a feather cape worn by the chieftan would have had the power of "spiritual armor.
The son of a country chieftan, Tewodros had spent the early part of his life as a charismatic outlaw, but by 1853, he had gathered enough support to snatch the throne from his father-in-law, who was emperor at the time.
5 What odd nickname was given to Ketil, the Viking chieftan who conquered the Hebrides and Isle of Man in the 9th century?
20) It is interesting in this context that Tolkien tells us that the Rohan chieftan Fram slew a dragon named Scatha (App.
While Vict'ry smiled upon the scene, Our Chieftan met the blow of death.
Bill Taylor, chief executive of Chieftan, said: "I am delighted with the progress made.