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Synonyms for chieftain

one who is highest in rank or authority

Synonyms for chieftain

the leader of a group of people


Related Words

the head of a tribe or clan

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It would be recalled that the two chieftains were absent at the last Thursday's night dinner hosted by President Buhari for APC chieftains across the country.
It could be any one of about 1,500 warriors the chieftain sent to fight the foreign troops in the Battle of Mactan.
The Chieftains then held off a Chicopee rally, highlighted by a stop on a penalty shot by senior captain and goalkeeper Luke Gilchrest, who made 23 saves in the game.
The Chieftains are certainly the world's best known exporters of Irish traditional music.
The word is that even our very own Sir Paul McCartney couldn't keep the auld legs still as he leapt to his feet to join in an energetic session with two Canadian dancers who are on the current Chieftains tour, an event that marks the Irish combos 42 years in show business.
The Chieftains scored first after just 44 seconds but the Barons battled back to equalise through Russell Plant.
Of course it has a smattering of the Chieftains but also the sounds of an Italian choir and orchestra on ``The Neopolitan Bagpipers Carol (On That Most Blessed Night)''; the tight, nasal harmony of the Bulgarian Voices Angelite; and a crystal clear Norwegian rendition of ``Silent Night'' by Sissel, best-known for her contributions to the ``Titanic'' soundtrack.
succeeded so well because scattered tribal chieftains offered no unified resistance to his armies.
com) are: Grammy 2000 nominee for "Best Spoken Word Album" The Chieftains - The Authorized Biography narrated by Nanci Griffith; "Best Spoken Comedy Album" Grammy winning Crank Calls by Jonathan Winters; Instant Zen by Jim McMullen and Michael Levin; Misadventures in the (213) by Dennis Hensley performed by a full cast which includes the author, Kathy Griffin, Jack Plotnick and others; Daniel Boorstin's The Seekers; No.
Her team's captain, Clopeck helped lead the Chieftains to the Central Mass.
MISSAN / Aswat al-Iraq: Over 500 Tribal Chieftains in southern Iraq's Missan Province, who attended a broad tribal security conference in its center city of Amara on Wednesday, have announced support for the Law and Security men in the Province.
LEGENDARY Irish band The Chieftains are set to wow American audiences on their latest US tour - playing Scottish music.
On Saturday they won 10-4 at Swindon and yesterday, needing to beat Chelmsford Chieftains by at least two goals, they did so with ease.
The choir will be linking up with the Chieftains to sing ``Shenandoah'' and ``The Long Journey Home.
The Chieftains finished 16-4-2, and Lance, a team captain, earned Midland A, Central Mass.