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being ten more than one hundred ninety

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Mayor was apprised that Chief Complaint Office has received 788 numbers of complaints from the residents of the city during the month of November, 2017.
Table-I: Frequency of positive CT scan findings in patients with chief complaint of headache without focal neurological signs (n=105).
Subjects with a chief complaint of headache were screened with the HADS, but only patients with an HADS score ≥8 were examined further for a depressive or anxiety disorder according to the Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview (MINI) by a neurology specialist with psychiatric training experience.
It was observed in our study that the majority of the dentists 87% did not mention chief complaint of the patient on the history records (Table 3) although chief complaint is an integral part of clinical notes as it directs the clinician to address the main problem.
Hatim tells the stories in Chief Complaint with both an insider and outsider perspective.
onset, peak, and end), we compared weekly diarrhea visits mapped by chief complaint as a proportion of all visits (for all ages) with weekly norovirus outbreak data from NORS for the 2009-2011 seasons on a national level.
Medication refill/needs medication was the third most common chief complaint in 2012 (n=57; 7.
Medical records of inpatients discharged one month before and one month after the implementation of the EMR were reviewed and the amount of information in the chief complaint and present illness was evaluated.
A 57-year-old Caucasian female presented with a chief complaint of more than one year of dyspareunia.
Based on the review of Unit 1, certain items were uniformly included preintervention such as name (97%), medical record number (97%), chief complaint (97%), allergies (95%), weight (94%), and patient summary (75%), while others such as medication list (3%), code status (2%), lab results (1%), and vital signs with date (0%) were rarely present, Dr.
The most common chief complaint was a palatal mass, which was reported by 14 patients (50.
Within each listing, the section is divided by chief complaint, differential diagnosis, history, physical examination, evaluation and testing, and matters of treatment or continuing inquiry for diagnostic purposes.
The chief complaint among those screening positive compared to those screening negative was more likely to involve headache/migraine (31% vs.
7, 2009 (CENS)--In line with the so-called "folk economy" being trumpeted by Premier Wu Den-yih, the Executive Yuan (the Cabinet) plans to construct low-cost housing units, so as to solve the problem of exorbitant housing prices, a chief complaint among local populace.
The chief complaint is that buyers don't understand some of the more unusual ethnic products they are buying.
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