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the corporate executive responsible for the operations of the firm

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Chief Operating Officers are uniquely positioned in their company as the second highest-ranking officer reporting to the CEO.
The Chief Operating Officer Business Forum (COO Forum) was launched in early 2004 in the San Francisco Bay/Silicon Valley Area as the Chief Operating Officer Connection.
Dino Dello Sbarba will be appointed President and Chief Operating Officer of the Dairy Products Division (Canada).
Terry Brockman will be appointed President and Chief Operating Officer, Cheese Division (USA).
Albert GEORGE, who was appointed President and Chief Operating Officer on February 20, 2000, has resigned after suffering a cardiovascular stroke earlier this year.
Dick MACEDONIA, currently President of the Health Care Services Division in the United States, has been appointed Chief Operating Officer of Sodexho in North America and Vincent HILLENMEYER, Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning.
David's wide-ranging management and operating experience at CMGI and his broad technology background in global enterprises is exactly what we want in a chief operating officer.
Prior to joining BMG Direct, from 1993 to 1997, McMillan served as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Renaissance Solutions, an IT and management consulting firm providing innovative business and technology services.
For the first time in the history of American government, a council of deputies, performing new roles as chief operating officers of their departments and agencies, has come together to focus on and lead government-wide issues.
The resulting Council, comprised of newly named federal chief operating officers and chaired by the OMB's deputy director for management, held its first meeting in November 1993.
Adamany and Rubin joined Empyrean in September as executive vice president and chief operating officer and executive vice president and chief marketing officer, respectively.
In the position of chief operating officer, each will be responsible for all operations associated with the commercial lines, personal lines and business insurance enterprises and will continue to report to Randy Stoddard, president of SAFECO Property and Casualty Insurance Companies.
Wood has been chief operating officer of Insurers Administration since 1998 and will be president and chief executive officer of the company.
Michel Landel, President and Chief Operating Officer of Sodexho Alliance, is also serving as Executive Chairman of Sodexho United Kingdom and Ireland.
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