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the officer below the master on a commercial ship


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Charles Rodriguez called the Chief Mate, Troy Bruemmer and Able Seaman Jeremy Guyet, who were in the harbor aboard the ship's rigid hull inflatable boat (RHIB) observing pier repair operations, to respond.
The Pong Su's captain, chief mate and chief engineer were ordered to stand trial on charges of trafficking 125 kilograms of high-grade heroin into Australia following a pre-trial hearing that ended last month.
The round trip to Kuwait and back usually takes about 56 days, said Chief Mate Peter K.
This is also the case when he hears Archbold's statement of Leggatt's unfitness: "I had become so connected in thoughts [with Leggatt] that I felt as if I, personally, were being given to understand that I, too, was not the sort that would have done for the chief mate of a ship like the Sephora" (p.
These include portraits of Hemingway's contemporaries, reproductions of dust jackets (not until the 1940s were these seen as anything but shipping protection or their design given any attention by publishers; moreover, these are among the few color images, so their irrelevancy is particularly egregious), and ephemera, such as the program cover for the 1924 Pamplona feria and a picture of the Pilar's chief mate.
In Conrad's novel, Marlow recalls the courageous death of Little Bob Stanton, the chief mate who was drowned 'trying to save a lady'smaid in the Sephora disaster' off the Spanish coast (ch.
he had been promoted to the office of chief mate, and as often, his conduct when in port, especially his drunkenness .
To earn a captain's license, which pilots hold, an officer must sail for a year as a chief mate.
During a meeting at the provincial capitol on Thursday, Wilfredo Tumos, chief mate of Belle Rose, admitted that it was the first time for the ship's crew to pass by Manod Shoal.
Leggatt, the chief mate of the Sephora, broke his bond between himself and his ruler and with his brothers at sea, but he attempted to maintain the proper relationship with his real father, a parson back home in England ("Secret" 274).
Although the chief mate was effectively in control of the ship, captain Eklund had a duty to keep a clear head, the court heard.
The European Commission has decided to take legal action against Spain (letter of formal notice) for failure to comply with a European Court of Justice ruling on the nationality condition to become a master or chief mate on ships flying the Spanish flag.
The ship's masters and chief mate Sean Tortora coordinated with the U.
Dan graduated from the Mass Maritime Academy as a chief mate, he traveled the world making new friends in many ports of call.
We worked with the ship's master, chief mate, NAVSEA (Naval Sea Systems Command) husbanding agent, and Phoenix representatives, as well as Indonesian officials," said Bettencourt.
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