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United States jurist who served as an associate justice on the United States Supreme Court from 1972 until 1986, when he was appointed chief justice (born in 1924)

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10) Whether or not this is a fair assessment of the judicial profession, Chief Justice Rehnquist did little to undermine Judge Posner's observation.
For more than three decades, Chief Justice Rehnquist served well the country and the Constitution.
In a dissenting opinion, Chief Justice Rehnquist and Justices O'Connor, Scalia and Thomas stated that "all private property is now vulnerable to being taken and transferred to another private owner, so long as it might be upgraded.
I have never and would never apply any litmus test on the abortion issue and, as the record shows, I have voted to confirm Chief Justice Rehnquist, Justice O'Connor, and Justice Kennedy and ltd the fight to confirm Justice Thomas," Specter said.
As Chief Justice Rehnquist said in the 1995 Lopez ruling, ``If we were to accept the government's arguments, we are hard-pressed to posit any activity by an individual that Congress is without power to regulate.
1) Later, Justice Brandeis (who, as Chief Justice Rehnquist has commented, was "one who did not bestow compliments casually") (2) said that Jackson should be the Solicitor General "for life.
When Congress legislates on matters such as the possession of guns in schools or the cultivation of marijuana in a closet, it makes a mockery of the 10th Amendment, which says, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, of to the people" As Chief Justice Rehnquist notes, "Federal courts were not created to adjudicate local crimes, no matter how sensational of heinous the crimes may be.
16 The four justices agreeing on this issue were Justice Thomas, Justice Scalia, Justice O'Connor, and Chief Justice Rehnquist.
Among other things, they note that the Judicial Conference, headed by Chief Justice Rehnquist, is on record as opposing the bill because its "provisions would add substantially to the workload of the federal courts and are inconsistent with principles of federalism.
In sum, the Ohio program is entirely neutral with respect to religion," wrote Chief Justice Rehnquist for the majority.
In the Supreme Court decision, Chief Justice Rehnquist wrote, "A defendant's voluntary change in conduct, although perhaps accomplishing what the plaintiff sought to achieve by the lawsuit, lacks the necessary judicial imprimatur on the change.
Indeed, the decision went so far as to create a new term when Chief Justice Rehnquist, writing for the majority, labeled the BSA an expressive association.
The stop, according to Chief Justice Rehnquist, who delivered the opinion of the Court, did not violate the Fourth Amendment to the U.
29 opinion written by Clinton appointee Justice Stephen Breyer, and joined in by Chief Justice Rehnquist, and justices O'Connor, Stevens, and Souter, the court determined that the rules can be challenged only in the context of an appeal brought by an individual facility that has "exhausted its administrative remedies" before an administrative law judge, after sanctions have been imposed.
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