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United States jurist who served as chief justice of the United States Supreme Court (1891-1974)


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Ehrenhaft to Chief Justice Earl Warren 9 (1961) (available in the Earl Warren Papers, Box 218, file 9, at the Library of Congress).
Should the court establish a right to same-sex marriage, it would draw comparisons to the famously liberal court led by Chief Justice Earl Warren, said David A.
32) Then he gave this description of the scene in the courtroom as Chief Justice Earl Warren announced the judgment: "The Chief Justice was impassive as he began.
Board of Education, and explained by Chief Justice Earl Warren in 1961, taking into account the Jefferson vision of full liberty and strict separation of church and state (p.
And as Hoffer's baseline for racially enlightened behavior was an idealized vision of "a world of fluid racial identities where belonging or not belonging was a choice of the individual," practically every figure he encounters--Plessy's lawyers, Harlan, Chief Justice Earl Warren, Justice Clarence Thomas--is chastised for relying upon "race as a category" (183, 181).
Under Chief Justice Earl Warren, the court was dominated by liberals who might welcome the opportunity to make a statement against the war.
This period of conservative activism, which ended in 1937, was followed by a period of liberal activism that reached its peak in the 1960s and early 1970s under Chief Justice Earl Warren and in the early part of the term of his successor, Warren Burger.
Chief Justice Earl Warren - June 12, 1967 (edited by Stephanie Mott - April 2, 2013).
In ruling that stop and frisk was consistent with the Fourth Amendment's provisions against unreasonable search and seizure, Chief Justice Earl Warren argued that the standard for a stop should be similar to the process of obtaining a warrant.
The author of the previous work, Justice for All, a historical account of Chief Justice Earl Warren, is the latest Eisenhower biographer seeking to rehabilitate the image of a supposed caretaker president.
Chief Justice Earl Warren, the American judge who investigated John F Kennedy's assassination, once wisely said that when he picked up his morning paper, he always turned first to the sports pages "because they record man's successes.
So wrote Chief Justice Earl Warren in the 1967 ruling in Loving vs.
According to a comprehensive study on Secure Communities by the Chief Justice Earl Warren Institute on Law and Social Policy at the University of California Berkeley School of Law, 39 percent of those arrested through Secure Communities have a spouse or child who is a U.
Times were then "a-changing" (as the song goes) in the USA of the 1960s, especially in the attitude to inter-racial relationships, and Chief Justice Earl Warren agreed with Mildred and Richard, stating that the anti-miscegenation laws "deprive the Lovings of liberty" and "freedom to marry has long been recognised as one of the vital human rights essential to the orderly pursuit of happiness".
Supreme Court of Chief Justice Earl Warren, which handed down such landmark rulings as Brown v.
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