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the corporate executive responsible for the operations of the firm

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Tullman on the CCHIT Board of Trustees are: -- Tom Fritz, Chief Executive Officer, Inland Northwest Health Services; -- Linda Kloss, Chief Executive Office, American Health Information Management Association; -- H.
Tooker and Galvin form a two-person chief executive office.
Ma'ayan, Chief Executive Office, OrSense said, "Non-invasive measurements are key for early detection and monitoring of life threatening diseases.
As the world's largest designer and manufacturer of OEM tape autoloaders, BDT AG is proud to announce this strategic partnership with Crossroads," says Friedhelm Steinhiber, President & Chief Executive Office of BDT.
The Company also wishes to advise that following its annual meeting on February 23, 2006, the board of directors confirmed the appointment of Juan Rassmuss as President and Chief Executive Office, and W.
sted South Jersey Industries Chairman, President and Chief Executive Office, Edward Graham will host.
Reporting to NCR President and Chief Executive Office Bill Nuti, Walter will work with the company's business units on implementing its self-service strategy in targeted industries such as banking, retail, travel, health care, public sector and gaming.
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