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5 Around the age of 30, this person was adopted by Chief Crowfoot, the famous chief of the Blackfoot nation.
Poundmaker had a close association with the Blackfoot, having assisted to negotiate peaceful relations between the Cree and the Blackfoot in the mid 1870s, and he was an adopted son of the Siksika Chief Crowfoot.
I was most pleased to discover that the topic of First Nations (Native Americans) received fifty-seven pages with more than 130 entries, including descriptions of all Canadian prairie tribes as well as the names of such well-known individuals as Maria Campbell, Chief Crowfoot, Emma LaRocque, Chief Poundmaker, Buffy Saint-Marie, and Chief Payipwat.
The Blackfeet were armed for war when Steele rode into their camp at Sun Dance and persuaded Chief Crowfoot and his 500 men to lay down their arms.
The tender recollections emanating from the heart of the poem involve a sincere homage to the Blackfoot Chief Crowfoot, and perhaps by extension, to his people and their culture:
The Minister had the opportunity to visit the Chief Crowfoot School which provides a new and improved learning environment for students of Siksika Nation, from preschool to Grade 6.
Crowfoot is 12-minute work, which contains among other Aboriginal aspects, words attributed to Chief Crowfoot around the time of his death in 1890: "What is life?
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