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Synonyms for endive

variety of endive having leaves with irregular frilled edges

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These heads are called chicons and their production requires two crops to be planted and a period of cold storage.
do(n) Iua(n) tlalpopa tlahtovanni yvan tomas chicon yva(n) Jua(n) cuillol yvan martin acatli.
Nahuitin in quimatin: Don Juan Tlalpoza, tlahtohuani, ihuan Tomas Chicon, ihuan Juan Cuillol, ihuan Martin Acatl.
Cuatro son los que saben: Don Juan Tlalpoza, -Senor-, Tomas Chicon, Juan Cuillol y Martin Acatl.
Miguel Chicon, director of the Maritime Rescue Centre in Palma, told Spanish reporters: "It's a miracle they have been found.
Chicon added: "On the Friday we began to think the boat must have capsized and began searching for debris or a liferaft.
Guillermo Alvaro Minguito, Rocio Chicon Rueda y Alberto Jorda Blanco Tutores: Marta Eulalia Garcia Sanchez Dpto.
MARTINEZ CHICON, Raquel Profesora Ayudante Doctora.
Ypan in 7-Tochtli xihuitl ypan tlamico yn inxiuh tolteca chicon xihuitl yn nohuiyan quiztinemito yn ahuacan tepehuacan ynic ompa motecato yn motlatlalito.