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a family of United States comedians consisting of four brothers with an anarchic sense of humor

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Chico Marx when asked how much he'd lost during his life to gambling after today "
I used to think Colon looked like Chico Marx in a funhouse mirror.
He was asked,instead, to interview Chico Marx, thus being introduced to showbiz, which led to him being the paper's drama critic for 38 years.
Marisa Tomei is especially badly miscast: She sounds, indeed, like a local girl, but her locale is audibly Brooklyn, and when she tries to do something approaching a down-east inflection, it comes out instead as Chico Marx.
It may well be a step up from the school of law practiced by Chico Marx in A Night at the Opera, when he hands Groucho a blank contract for signature.
Chico Marx when much he'd lost life to gambling Limato is unbeaten in all five starts but even if Henry Candy's promising sort were to run, he'd be up against it with the likes of Toocoolforschool and MATTMU in the field.
But that wasn't all, there was Slim Whitman, Tommy Cooper, Harpo and Chico Marx, Laurel and Hardy and Lonnie Donegan.
The costumes are of the 20th-century clown variety, patterned perhaps on the sartorial splendor of Chico Marx.
Admonishing Chico Marx for entering the speakeasy on all fours] "That's no way to go into a speakeasy.
Here the former is Sobelle - his hat giving him a bit of a Chico Marx air - who's a bit brutish to the slighter, manhandled Lyford.
The list reads like a Who's Who of the world of entertainment: Bob Hope, Jimmy Durante, Chico Marx, Morecambe and Wise, Tommy Cooper, Billy Daniels, Johnny Ray, the Deep River Boys and James Cagney.
Chico Marx when much he'd lost life to gambling ay mato " A shower or two today would see favourite Limato withdrawn from the race, which is a shame because I fancy he is well worth taking on at the price which would certainly be short.