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Chickoo trees bearing fruit in thick clusters are attracting scores of visitors who say they have not seen anything like it before.
It can be used to form trenches to plant areca nut, papaya, banana, apple, chickoo (sapota), mango, sugarcane etc.
The sight of trees overloaded with ripening chickoo and fresh herbs sprouting, along with the overpowering scents of flowering jasmine and other flowers is enough to give the place the veritable Garden of Eden feel.
The type of trees that were planted were Neem, Mango, Chickoo, Babul, Subabul, Sargavo, Banyan, Peepal, Imli, Ber, Gulmohar, etc.
When my parents woke up my sister and me, I looked out through the iron bars of the coupe and saw a vast river of milky tea, the colour of chickoos and coconut husk.