Lathyrus sativus

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European annual grown for forage

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Although leaf extract of sunflower, chick pea and chickling pea significantly reduced wild barley germination and root and shoot growth, they showed no significant inhibitory effect on wheat root growth.
However some plants, such as millet, chickling pea, cotton and alfalfa, showed more phytotoxic effects in root than in leaf and stem extracts.
However, wheat was less sensitive to leaf extract of sunflower, chick pea and chickling pea and stem extract of ramina bean, mung bean and chick pea than wild barley.
Most plant species evaluated in the present study, in particular, sugar beet, sunflower, safflower, legume crops such as red bean, ramina bean, chick pea and chickling pea, significantly reduced the germination and root and shoot growth of wild barley and have great potential for management of this weed in wheat production systems.