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nontechnical term for any hawks said to prey on poultry


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Chickenhawk Factor: Sat out the Vietnam War with family and education deferments.
Mason, Chickenhawk (1981); Ron Kovic, Born on the Fourth of July (1976); and Wallace Terry, Bloods: An Oral History of the Vietnam War by Black Veterans (1982).
Graduated from college, he fails at a series of enterprises, scrabbles for money so he can spend his full time writing what (we now know) will become Chickenhawk and, desperate for money gets caught for dealing grass.
As Simon Schama noted, "the hypocritical chickenhawk Paul Ryan voted for the Bush Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) even as he strained every muscle to get his district's share of the stimulus package he now denounces Obama for perpetrating" ("GOP Grand Illusions," Newsweek, Sept.
July 7 will see Holy State, Hey Sholay and Chickenhawk perform, followed by Aces And Eights, Gaze and Kinch on July 14.
They've become evangelical believers in a false faith, swallowing Bush's fear-mongering, his chickenhawk posturing and strutting, and cheering his "bring 'em on" attitude as a sign of strength and resoluteness.
But what creed can he set against the mullah, the Beltway chickenhawk, the cyberpornographer, and the therapeutic statist?
How dare he or any of his fellow chickenhawk neocons have the temerity to ask anyone to sacrifice life or limb for their concept of American hegemony through misuse of our military?
No jingo chickenhawk of the sort whose squawk dominates today's Right, Ed tried to talk John out of a career in the military: "he declared that I should forego any ideas of becoming a 'professional killer' and go to law school at his expense, later to join his law office.
Like his chickenhawk friends in the Bush administration, Friedman would not be caught alive in a U.
Given my enthusiasm for that alliance, and for the war, I would have no right to throw a wobbly if someone were to call me a chickenhawk, even though, as an antiwar conservative, I am now a chickendove.
Call him a chickenhawk if you will--we certainly do--but Richard Perle must have cojones of solid brass to think he could get away with his Feb.
It's about how the chickenhawk corporate lapdogs would be yammering for impeachment and crying treason if the president were a Democrat.
and only the most costive liberal or chickenhawk conservative could fail to be charmed by the Frost and maple syrup patriots of the Second Vermont Republic, which drips Vermontishness.
Bush's chickenhawk brigade huffed and bluffed its way to an important victory in Congress, and the boardroom commandos--Field Marshal Cheney and Generals Rove, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and Perle--may imagine they can topple Saddam, capture Iraq and rearrange control of Middle East oil merely by firing off more bellicose, deceitful threats.