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nontechnical term for any hawks said to prey on poultry


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How dare he or any of his fellow chickenhawk neocons have the temerity to ask anyone to sacrifice life or limb for their concept of American hegemony through misuse of our military?
No jingo chickenhawk of the sort whose squawk dominates today's Right, Ed tried to talk John out of a career in the military: "he declared that I should forego any ideas of becoming a 'professional killer' and go to law school at his expense, later to join his law office.
Given my enthusiasm for that alliance, and for the war, I would have no right to throw a wobbly if someone were to call me a chickenhawk, even though, as an antiwar conservative, I am now a chickendove.
Like his chickenhawk friends in the Bush administration, Friedman would not be caught alive in a U.
Call him a chickenhawk if you will--we certainly do--but Richard Perle must have cojones of solid brass to think he could get away with his Feb.
and only the most costive liberal or chickenhawk conservative could fail to be charmed by the Frost and maple syrup patriots of the Second Vermont Republic, which drips Vermontishness.
It's about how the chickenhawk corporate lapdogs would be yammering for impeachment and crying treason if the president were a Democrat.
It has come to my attention that this president's increase of military expenditures for these chickenhawk wars that he is working very hard to get us into will work a hardship on our state.
The chickenhawk is a person who loudly asserts that the United States was 100 percent right on Vietnam and that anyone who thought otherwise should go back to Russia where they belonged - and yet not a single one of these brave lads ever spent a single day in uniform.
Teaming with the Cheney-Rumsfeld-Wol-fowitz-Rice cabal and assorted neocon chickenhawks, he strategized the invasion of Afghanistan and a second ground in Iraq.
warmonagers comfortable old asses who send youths to fight and die for them Called chickenhawks by Senator Al Franken, they cheer each other on with law-on-order charades:
Owens has the kind of unwashed innocence and joli-laid beauty that attracts both chickenhawks and artists.
He is no better than the chickenhawks he lambastes, and certainly not nearly as good an opponent of jingoism and aggressive war as the much more thoughtful, if sometimes inconsistent, Pat Buchanan.
We never tire of pointing out this administration's chickenhawks, the men like Dick Cheney who don't hesitate to send other Americans into war even though they themselves have been dedicated draft-evaders.
1 /PRNewswire/ -- TIME Magazine has featured the "Deck of Republican Chickenhawks," which identifies George Bush and Weapons of Mass Destruction as its Jokers, in its September 29th issue.