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Customers love our Chicken Soft Tacos and we are delighted to provide a special value option on Sundays," said Paul Hitzelberger of Del Taco in Salt Lake City.
A customer favorite, the Chicken Soft Taco features grilled marinated chicken, fresh lettuce and tomatoes, real cheddar cheese, topped with Del Taco's flavorful secret sauce and folded in a fluffy flour tortilla.
The Chicken Soft Taco will also be the star of Thursday nights as this week Del Taco kicks off Chicken Soft Taco Thursdays, by offering three Chicken Soft Tacos for $2.
Del Taco's signature Chicken Soft Taco is the headliner in new TV and radio ads.
Angel Stadium (Angels): Chicken Mole Burrito, Burrito Bowls, Grande Nachos, Chicken Soft Tacos
HHH Metrodome (Twins): Buffalo Chicken Bites, Chicken Soft Tacos
Oakland-Alameda County Stadium (A's): Blazin' Burger, Buffalo and Sweet & Spicy Chicken Strips and Chicken Bites, Chicken Soft Tacos