fried rice

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boiled rice mixed with scallions and minced pork or shrimp and quickly scrambled with eggs

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The new series consists of three entrees, Shrimp Pilaf, Chicken Fried Rice with Tomato Sauce and Chicken Fried Rice with Vegetables, and one rice-only dish, Koshihikari White Rice.
and it doesn't include egg foo yung or chicken fried rice.
Chicken fried rice prepared at a local restaurant was the only food significantly associated with illness; illness occurred in 14 (29%) of 48 persons who ate chicken fried rice, compared with none of 16 who did not (relative risk=undefined; lower confidence limit--1.
Starting immediately, Chang's will offer the following child-friendly entrees: Kid's Chicken, Kid's Lo Mein, Kid's Chicken Fried Rice and Baby Buddha's Feast, along with a variety of games and puzzles to keep kids entertained throughout their family dining experience.
A lot of things just weren't right - we would have chicken fried rice for our pre-match meal.
FROM chicken fried rice to sweet and sour pork, Gayle Woods is rather partial to Chinese food.
Caroline: Balti chicken tikka, chicken fried rice, coriander naan.
One offers the comfort-blanket food you've sampled many times before: wun tun soup and chicken fried rice.
My cousin chose the chicken fried rice AND the sweet and sour balls of battered chicken.
For instance, the entree, Singapore Chicken Fried Rice takes traditional Chicken-Fried Rice to a healthier level.