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Synonyms for hamburger

a sandwich consisting of a fried cake of minced beef served on a bun, often with other ingredients

beef that has been ground

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Sidhartha Lenka, head of Marketing and Sales, A'Saffa Foods, said, 'We are delighted that the chicken burgers and our other products are being savoured by one and all and believe that our innovative, flavourful ready-to-cook food products range can stir the inner chef in anyone.
This win proves the very strong potential of our unique chicken burgers and nuggets to truly serve the UAE and regional market with highly-nutritious and tasty food products," he said.
So when I got it in I didn't even open any of the other items and grabbed the chicken burger first and just started eating it.
The post Salmonella found in three brands of chicken burger appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
So with the combination of a spicy marinade and skill, today's piri-piri chicken burger is moist, tender and packed full of flavour.
We recommend: Hummus with pines, cheese rolls, kebbeh chiche barak, chicken burger, karabij
25 considering the bun was zealously stuffed with a beef burger, chicken burger, bacon and cheese.
Restaurants India, while McDonald's says the McSpicy chicken burger range is the fastest growing product across its 240 stores.
Each region has its own distinct characteristics, such asthe major popularity of MOS Rice Burger and Teriyaki Chicken Burger, which menus were born in Japan.
CALIFORNIA and the Commonwealth may be an incredible pairing but the Fast Trax chicken burger named after the American state is the most popular food item in the stands.
Tapping into the nation's seemingly insatiable appetite for fast food, Glendale has added a side portion of chips to its popular hot snacks for the first time ever, to create Doner Kebab & Chips, Flame Grilled Cheese Burger & Chips, Southern Fried Chicken Burger & Chips and Chicken & Chips.
A PAEDOPHILE was caught giving a drug-laced chicken burger to a teenager.
Highlights include a Portobello Chicken Burger, Seared Norwegian Salmon, Mediterranean Garlic Chicken and Salmon Lettuce Wraps as well as favorites including a New York Sirloin, No-Buns Burger, Chicken Wings and plenty of bacon and eggs.
The fast-food giant is launching a special breakfast chicken burger at its restaurant in Llandudno as part of a small trial.
So sink your teeth into a Wasabi Chicken Burger or a Beef and Beetroot Burger if the all-day breakfast wasn't enough already