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an Indian dish made with highly seasoned rice and meat or fish or vegetables


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Each handout will include 500g of chicken biryani, a water goblet, dates, a laban drink, and dessert.
SPICE up your life with chicken biryani from chef Aktar Islam, below, this week.
There is a wide selection of Indian main courses including shahi chicken biryani, rasgulla curry, and mushroom corn with mutter masala.
A myriad of Indian main dishes includes shahi chicken biryani, rasgulla curry and mushroom corn with mutter masala.
FOODFOCUS Chicken biryani This simple curried rice recipe is a brilliant way to use up cold roast chicken in a very tasty way.
Each box will feed two labourers with chicken biryani, fruits, juice, and water.
Chicken biryani in an air-conditioned restaurant is about BD1.
Now it has been able to formulate even chicken biryani, lemon rice and various Indian cuisines that can be supplied to astronauts.
Summary: Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi has spent her 64th birthday sharing a chicken biryani with staff at the prison where she is on trial.
Recently these have been targeted at the growing ready meals market, with latest introductions including BBQchicken wings, Chicken Biryani and Thai Curry.
THERE'S that slightly out-of-tune crooning usually associated with too many G&Ts, an early hours chicken biryani and alcohol-induced complete lack of shame coming from the inside of the gallery.
They a re available in five flavours, including Indian Chicken Biryani, American Spicy Meatballs, Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Mexican Fajita and Tex Mex Chilli Con Came (rsp: 95p).
Galauti Kabab Chicken Tikka Roll Stuffed Mutton Kofta Curry Patrani Machchi Chicken Biryani