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nontechnical term for any hawks said to prey on poultry


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My uncle kept complaining about how many birds he was losing to the chicken hawks.
But the linguistic acts of others repeatedly transgress the boundaries of Moses's perceptions throughout the story, and they build to Mingo's climatic reversal of Moses's admonition to" 'Kill chicken hawks and always be courteous to strangers.
His band are the Chicken Hawks and he'll be joined by Errol Linton's Blues Vibe at the Temple Bar Music Centre.
Other headline acts include R&B great Screaming Jay Hawkins and the Chicken Hawks, with Errol Linton's Blues Vibe, at the Temple Bar Music Centre on Friday, July 23; the Guinness Gospel Brunch with the Blind Boys of Alabama at HQ on Sunday afternoon, July 25, and Terry Callier at Vicar Street on Sunday night.
There is no war these chicken hawks are not eager to fight, as long as somebody else's sons and daughters do the dying.
When I was a youngster, my mother warned me to watch out for chicken hawks.
6) No one, save the White House chicken hawks and their press servitors, suffers the illusion that we will, in relatively short order, turn Iraq and Afghanistan into model democracies for the Arab world, where we have for so long propped up dictatorships with arms.
Bush and his flock of chicken hawks repeat the refrain that we are peace-loving Christians.
Along the way he hooks up with a series of middle-aged chicken hawks before falling for Red, a slightly older rent boy with aw-shucks charm and fiery locks.
In a whole series of pieces, Jack Newfield in The Village Voice went after what he crudely called the chicken hawks, the right-wing drum-bangers who had either dodged the war or invented a record in it.
To Lowry and his fellow chicken hawks in the Bush administration, it is just not possible that an American soldier could commit a war crime.
If we truly believe that the sanctity and value of life does not end at the boundaries of our country, should we not consider the lives of those our supreme leader and his chicken hawks are prepared to snuff out with bombs, missiles and nukes?
That's three years, four months and 12 days longer than anyone in Dubya's aviary of chicken hawks, starting with Dick ``Deferment'' Cheney.
Normally, I would agree not to ``vote along party lines,'' except now: the weak-minded drum-beaters for war and the calculated demonization of complex, liberal thought as ``enemy thought'' by none other than the vast, right-wing, talk show chicken hawks whose simple agenda is to blame and ridicule the Clintons relentlessly, sell their partisan, moronic books to the clan, as they white-wash our air waves in justifiable fear of much- needed special counsel investigations of the two executives in our White House who epitomize what they criticize in corruption and conflicted selnterests.
He is nicknamed Chicken Hawk by "the fighting troops of America," among them Col.