battle of Chickamauga

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a Confederate victory in the American Civil War (1863)

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Urban Century Institute received $500 for educational outreach for promotion to restore an area along South Chickamauga Creek in the Brainerd area.
A Preliminary Flora of the North Chickamauga Creek Gorge State Natural Area.
We found 20-30 gray bats roosting at the 2-lane paved Reed's bridge over the West Chickamauga Creek in Catoosa County at 0240 hours on 30 June 2000.
United States Route 27 Bridge over West Chickamauga Creek was 16.
In northwest Georgia, gray bats forage over streams and rivers such as Lookout Creek, South and West Chickamauga Creeks, and the Oostanaula River (Johnson, 2002; Menzel et al.
Relatively few individuals were collected in Big Sewee and South Chickamauga creeks, and the Holston, Little, and Sequatchie rivers.
The species was reclassified as threatened in 1983 after recovery efforts established a reproducing population in the Hiwassee River and additional specimens were collected in the Paint Rock River, Alabama, the sequatchie River, and Big Sewee and South Chickamauga creeks, Tennessee (Biggins and Eager, 1983).
tanasi have been collected in the Paint Rock River, Alabama, the Sequatchie River, and Big Sewee and south Chickamauga creeks, Tennessee (TVA Natural Heritage Data, 2006).