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Synonyms for chickpea

the seed of the chickpea plant

Asiatic herb cultivated for its short pods with one or two edible seeds

large white roundish Asiatic legume

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GUJARATI MANGO SOUP (FAJETO)(Serves 6 to12) INGREDIENTS: 2 tbsp chick pea flour; 1 / 8 tsp ground turmeric; 3 / tsp ground cumin; / tsp ground coriander; 120ml natural yoghurt; 700ml thick Alphonso mango pulp (sweetened)from a can; 1 / 4 to 1 / 2 tsp salt; 1 / tsp sugar, to taste; 2 bird's eyechillies, with small slits cut in them; 2 tbsp corn or peanut oil,or a mixture of 1tbsp oil and 1tbsp ghee; a generous pinch of ground asafoetida; 1 / tsp whole brown mustard seeds; 1 / 2 tsp whole cumin seeds; 2 whole,dried,hot red chillies; 1 / tsp fenugreek seeds; 10 to 15 fresh curry leaves,if available
The chef had provided a very generous timbale of chick pea mash and the courgette ribbons snaked their way around and beneath the lamb.
Whole grain rotini with school-made meat sauce, steamed green beans, romaine salad with chick peas, whole wheat garlic bread, peach cup and milk.
Soak 250g dried chick peas overnight with 1/2tsp bicarbonate of soda in 1.
Take the rest of the salad ingredients and simply combine them all in a bowl before adding the chick peas and drizzling with olive oil and red wine vinegar.
So you should be set for the alternative Tyddyn Llan Christmas lunch with prawns in chick pea sauce, roast sirloin of Welsh black beef and trimmings.
Combination of chick peas with black and green pitted olives gives a pleasurable tart taste that went well with sweet vine ripened tomatoes
Method: Pulp the beans and chick peas in a food processor (or pass them through a wire mesh sieve).
95 sweet potato, chick pea, spinach curry pounds salmon&haddock fishcakes pounds cheesecake crumble baps real ale pounds 2.
Paula Walker, of Lambton Primary School in Washington, was highly commended for her Mediterranean pasta with chick pea salad.
Among the dishes participants will learn to make are chick pea and peanut balls with chilli sauce, Sally's leek and sage dish and vegetable toad in the hole.
Buffalo chicken on a wheat wrap, shredded lettuce, light ranch, mediterranean chick pea salad and fruit or chicken cordon bleu on a wheat roll, cup of soup, broccoli florets with light ranch and fruit.
Chick pea, tahini and red pepper soup; beef and chianti lasagne; Mediterranean vegetables with herbs and garlic; poached apples with quinces and honey.
Another speciality of the same area (and of Genoa in Italy) is deep-fried panissa - chick pea chips - which, generously salted, are crisp on the outside and melting inside.
CDATA[ Lebanon has fired another salvo in the Great Hummus War in a successful new bid to win the world record in making the chick pea dip.