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a member of the Bantu-speaking people of Malawi and eastern Zambia and northern Zimbabwe

the Bantu language of the Chewa of east central Africa

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Languages: English (official), Chichewa (official), regional dialects, i.
Earnie' later went to the Viphya School in Malawi where he learned to speak the language of Chichewa, native to Malawi.
That is the word for "dragonfly" in Chichewa, my son Vasco's native language.
Pupils in Reading, Berkshire, made use of the Ghanaian dialect of Akan, Chichewa, from the south central Africa, the Aztec tongue of Nahatl and Telugu amongst many other languages at home.
Their nickname, apparently is the Flames, although it's a moniker that works better in English than in the main language of the country Chichewa, in which the Flames is translated as, er, Malawi.
I remember parts being in real poverty," he recalled of his time spent in his home village in the copperbelt province, where he spoke three languages - English, Chichewa and the native Zambian tongue of Bemba.
Object asymmetries and the Chichewa applicative construction.
She apologised to staff there after the toddler seemed not to understand when the children there spoke to him in the Chichewa language.
The translation is now available in Arabic, Burmese, English, Malayalam, Zulu, Persian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Urdu, Sindhi, Tegalog, Chinese, Tamil, Dory, Othmani, Hausa, Thai, Turkish, Greek, German, Indonesian, Korean, Warsh, Kaloon, Kazakh, Kashmiri, Macedonian, Albanian, Brahui, Chichewa, Yoruba, Anko, Somali and Bosnian languages.
It isn't true we abandoned him," Mr Banda said in Chichewa.
The curriculum is standard, including mathematics, biology, physical science, agriculture, English, Chichewa (national language), geography, bible knowledge, home economics, French, and physical education.
Main languages spoken in the country are Chichewa 57.
But noticeable additions are agriculture and Malawi's own language Chichewa.
The winning entry--suggested by Locally Employed Staff Chrissie Makhambera and Dyson Nyaka--was Umodzi, which means "unity" in Chichewa.