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a person of Mexican descent

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As Chicanas have increased their presence in the academic field of education, these scholars have drawn from the existing work of Chicana feminists to question notions of objectivity and knowledge production.
They present a collection of concise biographies celebrating the lives and politics of 25 Chicana leaders in Texas from 1964 to the present; some are deceased, some have retired from public service, but many remain active today.
To trace the presence of Chicanas in history, McKenna returns to the years prior to the Mexican Revolution and finds poet and political activist Sara Estela Ramirez.
Betita had her own legendary history as a key SNCC organizer and Chicana activist.
With respect to The House on Mango Street, Saldivar uses the opposition oikonomia/polis in order to articulate how Cisnero's protagonist, Esperanza, and Cisneros herself both harness "individual artistry" and "collective responsibility" (184) so as to create "an alternate space for the Chicana subject" (186).
A final example of the ways in which activist Chicanas and other U.
But what statistics do not tell are the struggles Chicanas had to overcome to reach their positions.
Although she is fluent in numerous media, her most famous works are her late-1970s Virgin of Guadalupe paintings, in which she depicted everyday Chicanas as the iconic saint.
As Rebolledo reminds us in her description of the actual situating context of Chicanas - that of the spaces along the edges of and in between borders and social systems - the parameters of cultural and political realities overlap in complex ways.
Also, both books are written by Latina women and thus form part of the flowering of fiction, poetry, essays, and plays by Chicanas and other Latinas here over the past decade.
Betita, along with Maria, were probably two of only three or four Latinas/ Chicanas who were on the front lines of the black civil rights movement.
Tiffs inspiration, as well as her own experiences, led her to examine the roles and the political consciousness of Chicanas.
portrays contemporary Latinas -- four professional Chicanas in
whore" models of womanhood, emphasizing instead the way Chicanas make meaning and take initiative in the world.