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a person of Mexican descent

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Chicanas who live in the United States illustrate one such marginalized group.
This is not to say that joteria is everything and nothing at the same time, but that joteria as an analytics opens up a space to document the myriad subjectivities of queer Chicanas and Chicanos.
This permits an awareness of issues of social injustice and identity, and posits a Chicana or Latina worldview as an alternative to the mainstream perspective common to the genre.
Las escritoras chicanas, con una historia de asedio en "los asustados unidos" y de "mexifobia" creciente (Joysmith), se encuentran, al cruzar de regreso a Mexico con sus textos a cuestas, con muros fronterizos y cercos de puas: silencios, miedos, intolerancia, cuestionamiento, rechazo, estigmatizadas como "pochas", "las otras", "malinches--traidoras", "deslenguadas" por escribir mayormente en ingles--aun cuando, paradojicamente, sea el espanol la lengua que marque su identidad ante y en la cultura estadunidense--ellas se enfrentan a otras vertientes del nepantla anzalduano (25).
O movimento das chicanas muralistas teve bastante repercussao nesse sentido, ja que seu olhar revisionarlo confrontou diretamente os episodios misoginos da Renascenca Muralista no Mexico, os quais haviam estabelecido tambem no movimento chicano a imagem do muralismo como uma arte eminentemente masculina.
En una construccion cuasi detectivesca, Vivancos Perez investiga dicho proceso en el primer capitulo del libro, desde la intencion inicial de antologia por parte de la autora hasta su vision de una identidad mayor de configuracion de una estetica y etica chicanas desde la condicion de "atravesados, "con la que se identifica Anzaldua.
I started a film production company and produced "Las Mujeres de la Caucus Chicana," "Women of the Chicana Caucus.
But even with Chicana posters that depicted the depth of political issues affecting Chicanas in their communities, ideological work to consolidate Chicana heroes was still of utmost importance.
Out of the margins; identity formation in contemporary Chicana writings.
In her classic Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza (1987) Gloria Anzaldua identifies the position of feminism on the borders, an open wound for Anzaldua, and it has become a reference point for the representation of Chicana subjectivity.
A second group that I co-founded was comprised solely by women of color: three Chicanas, one Filipina, one Japanese-American, and one Japanese woman.
Both Mendoza and Selena have become not only the Chicana icons of borderlands music bur, for the most part, the Chicanas who have garnered the most sustained attention by scholars and curators of public cultural exhibits.
Just as she calls for Chicanas to accept all aspects of their heritage and identity, her writing refuses to dichotomize her presentation of self, allowing for contradictions.
Until now, no one has published a history of the struggle of Chicanas in the Chicano movement--the mass political mobilization of Mexican American peoples in the Southwest US in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
Providing supporting evidence for what develops as Chicana/Latina student-oriented cultural capital in this study are two essential research works regarding Chicanas and education by Segura (1993) and Gandara (1995).