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a gambling card game in which chips are placed on the ace and king and queen and jack of separate suits (taken from a separate deck)

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Critique: Each of the showcased Chicagoans is featured with their black-and-white photograph and the succinct one-page commentary is supplemented with a 'Favorites' box citing their favorites, be they books, performers, quotations, movies, songs, places, poets, etc.
We take pride in knowing that no other automaker is providing Chicagoans the unique opportunity to drive its entire lineup right there at the auto show.
8220;We are not only committed to saving fellow Chicagoans time and money, but also from the curse of boring weekends,” said Morris.
One of our strengths is that we are from Chicago, and know what Chicagoans enjoy.
And now Caputo's report has confirmed what many have long suspected--that Chicagoans who need the Loop jobs the most aren't getting them or able to hang onto them.
Ben LaBolt, Emanuel's communications director, who is gay himself, says, "LGBT Chicagoans know that Rahm Emanuel has stood for equality and delivered.
The editors clearly believed that Chicago's several newspapers already delivered for the masses, their magazine was to fill a critical cultural gap for well-to-do Chicagoans.
With all of the bad economic news out there, we believe Chicagoans can use a little fun -- not to mention a little extra cash," Hunt Kingsbury, Sun-Times News Group vice president of marketing said in the announcement.
CHICAGO - Supervalu's Jewel-Osco division here is encouraging Chicagoans this month to support Mercy Home's Shamrocks for Kids.
Nearby is Millennium Park with its amazing outdoor sculpture known officially as Cloudgate but referred to affectionately by Chicagoans as "The Bean.
4 Chicagoans with a taste for indie theatre will be able to see one premiere for each year of the festival's history.
Meanwhile across the Atlantic, Chicagoans were upset by a billboard that read, "Life's short.
Although a lot of Chicagoans apparently had a difficult time embracing these Bears because of an erratic Rex Grossman and a cornucopia of previous sports agony, they will be in a tizzy over the big game, and thoughts of the Bulls will be far out of most minds.
10) A decade later Chicagoans established a "Psychopathic Laboratory," where defendants were observed, evaluated, poked, and prodded.
Restaurants across the City of the Big Shoulders (and Fat Livers) prepared special foie gras menus, and Chicagoans rushed to get their fill before the hepatic ban.
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