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a university in Chicago, Illinois

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The Chicago University researchers analysed the DNA of more over 400 pairs of homosexual brothers who were asked to participate for research purposes at Gay Pride festivals over the years.
Take Chicago University, a fraction of the size of all the universities in Wales combined, yet Chicago University (a university that lacks an engineering faculty) has far more issued patents protecting hard earned discoveries by at least a factor of five.
EO's Chicago University will attract entrepreneurs from across the globe in search of a provocative learning program and access to world-class business resources.
Chicago: Chicago University Press, 2006) x + 177 pp.
The team, from a Chicago University, discovered oleic acid, found in the oil, dramatically cut levels of a cancer-triggering gene called an oncogene.
Abe Published by: Chicago University Press ISBN: 0 226 00044 3 Price: GBP54.
Smith received the Kauffman Community Award in honor of his accomplishments at a special presentation on August 17, 2006 at the Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) Chicago University.
Study leader Professor Martha McClintock, of Chicago University, said: 'This is the first report in humans of a natural social chemosignal that increases sexual motivation.
the Council of the Graduate School of Business of Chicago University, the Institute for Responsive Education in Boston, the Project Return Foundation and the Children's Oncology Society of New York.
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