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inversion in the second of two parallel phrases

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When put together, this falling motion from meter, rising motion from grouping, and chiastic motion from prolongation form what theorists of Western tonal music call CANONICAL RHYTHMIC FORM.
This chiastic structure, however, crumples in Marlowe's experiences with his client families.
As was the case with the letter to Esarhaddon mentioned above, the Nebuchadnezzar inscription contains a chiastic borrowing:
The second couplet expands the thought in similar metaphorical language, but in reverse, chiastic order.
The tale's chiastic structure, in fact, suggests that the novella's two parts need each other in order to arrive at some kind of explanation, even though it is bound to remain as problematic as the story of Griselda--to propose an appropriate term of comparison.
57; Douay-Rheims); but the following lines shun chiastic movement for more labored progression: "This Jack, joke, poor potsherd, | patch, matchwood, immortal diamond,/Is immortal diamond.
What we learn from the transformation of sequential time into something more like a chiastic temporal structure (the past and future meet at the moment of narration and radiate out from there) is that while we may use stories to take revenge against time, time is also taking revenge against us.
McLuhan himself points out that chiastic patterns were "[p]erhaps first noted by ancient Chinese sages in I Clung or The Book of Changes.
With Sheikh's solidly secular English upbringing, his effortless excellence in his academics, and his friendly ties to Jews and Muslims alike in England, Levy wonders in characteristically French chiastic fashion, "Is this a monstrosity of an ordinary human, or the humanity of an extraordinary monster?
The choice of Rhodes instead of Ephesus for the protagonists' reunion, rather than simply conforming to a chiastic pattern, (140) might be seen as undermining the value of the latter city as homeland, (141) which is stressed at the beginning of the novel.
Similarly in the remaining deductions, with the proviso that the alignment (unlike here) is chiastic in most cases.
Leaving Stella and LeWitt behind, Hoeber covers his canvases with a loose application of thick paint that almost seems to mock the older artists' fetish for flatness: Bloody splotches of red and pink are visible where the chiastic black-on-black painting has been scratched away; the volumetric edges of a gray and red concentric composition seem expressionistically (or maybe just compulsively) layered.
The double use of the rhymed pairs "ground/round" and "warm/storm," with their chiastic word order (Clare reverses the rhymes in their second appearance), helps reinforce the perpetuity of the cold.
194), for example, points to chiastic structures in lines 1-8, 9-13, and 14-19, thus arranging the poem in groups of 8-5-6 lines.
Commenting on similar settings and themes, Prusse focuses primarily on the chiastic structure (symmetrical patterns of multiple repetitions) found in both initiation stories.