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Synonyms for qi

the circulating life energy that in Chinese philosophy is thought to be inherent in all things

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The Tai Chi master has also performed with Bruce Lee in the popular TV series, ' Green Hornet', in the late 1960s.
Rothbrust segued between his three drums with the grace of a Tai Chi master, spinning the sticks like six-shooters to hit alternately with the soft furry head or the wooden handle, achieving a variety of aural effects.
Under control, patiently, with the poise of a grand tai chi master on a crisp morning at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing.
Each simulated bull jump was accomplished in a kind of slow motion dance that looked like it was choreographed by a cross between Michael Jackson and a tai chi master.
We were given one day off where we visited Xi Bai Poa, the village where Mao and his partners created the roots of Communism and were privileged to visit a Tai Chi Master in the remote Qing Long Guan Temple who spent much time sharing with us.
Famous for: Doing her own stunts in Hong Kong martial arts films such as Tai Chi Master.
The tai chi master was alert enough to notice our fragility,and was fortunately very gentle with us.
An international Tai Chi master is heading for Teesside to share his skills.
With the grace and balance of a tai chi master it prowled the tortured lakebed, scanning the cracks and crevices for a flash of silver scales.