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the circulating life energy that in Chinese philosophy is thought to be inherent in all things

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The Tai Chi master has also performed with Bruce Lee in the popular TV series, ' Green Hornet', in the late 1960s.
In Pushing Hands, the narrative starts when Master Chu, a widower and recently retired Tai Chi master, visits his son Alex in New York.
An international Tai Chi master is heading for Teesside to share his skills.
With the grace and balance of a tai chi master it prowled the tortured lakebed, scanning the cracks and crevices for a flash of silver scales.
my Tai chi master, who taught me how to focus - to prepare myself to work.
Last fall on a Bill Moyers special, PBS viewers watched in amazement as an elderly chi master in Beijing bowled over his students, solely through the life force energy he directed, rather than any extraordinary physical prowess.
AUSTIN, Texas -- Master Gohring's Tai Chi & Kung Fu announced today that it will host renowned Tai Chi Master Christophe Clarke for a free public demonstration of Tai Chi on February 29th.
Yu Yi, Deputy Director China Cultural Center, Tai Chi Master Kevin Guan Junkang and large number of people from different walks of life and students attended the first class of week-long classes.
Soon, Goofy appeared in his tai chi master outfit and led everyone through the graceful moves of the gentle but effective ancient Chinese exercise.
Eugene resident and tai chi master Machiko Shirai will celebrate the reprint of her book, "Every Day 10 Minutes: A Simple Way to Balance Your Body and Mind (Tai Chi).
Tai Chi Master Domingo Colon has put his many years of experience as a physical therapist adaptive fitness specialist and Tai Chi instructor to excellent use in this succinct workbook of Tai Chi exercises for seniors.
Atai chi Master was brought in to teach the moves, and the federation drew up easy-to-follow instructions, with names like "up with the lark", "lazily buttoning overalls" and "arms like tractor wheels".
Disharmony, energy draining and bad relationships," were the words the Tai Chi master used as he surveyed the Cardiff Bay monstrosity.