Cheyne-Stokes respiration

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abnormal respiration in which periods of shallow and deep breathing alternate

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Treatment of congestive heart failure and Cheyne-Stokes respiration during sleep by continuous positive airway pressure.
Cardiac resynchronizationtherapy improves central sleep apnea and Cheyne-Stokes respiration in patients with chronic heart failure.
Adaptive pressure support servo-ventilation: a novel treatment for Cheyne-Stokes respiration in heart failure.
First experience of using new adaptive servoventilation device for Cheyne-Stokes respiration with central sleep apnoea among Japanese patients with congestive heart failure: report of 4 clinical cases.
Breathing patterns are graded, because Cheyne-Stokes respiration and irregular breathing can represent bihemispheric or lower brainstem dysfunction.
The system's monitoring technology and signal analysis software are so advanced that it can automatically detect and classify apneas or hypopneas, Cheyne-Stokes respiration, sighs, and coughs, and correlate these with cardiac or other parameters -- all outside of the laboratory or clinical setting.
Finally, in a recent study, we aimed to evaluate acute effects of adaptive servo ventilation (ASV) on Cheyne-Stokes respiration (CSR) and neurohormones in the patients with HE and showed that one night ASV treatment improves CSR, partial pressure of oxygen in arterial blood, and oxygen saturation and provides significant reductions in plasma catecholamines and NT-proBNP levels in the patients with HF and CSR (6).